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Cloud Migration and Integration

While moving to the Cloud is in the best interest of the enterprise, it is often fraught with challenges. From deciding whether to opt for public, private or hybrid cloud, to narrowing down the right business objectives, to identifying committed talent to steer the movement, Cloud migration challenges can come in various forms. Additionally, ensuring continued business performance and high data security can be a big area of concern. To address these issues, organizations need to work with a reliable partner, who can help them confidently migrate to and benefit from the many advantages of the Cloud.
LTI Cloud Migration and Integration services help organizations migrate applications, systems and storage to a Cloud environment, whether for increased scalability, improved productivity or lowered operating costs. Our end-to-end Cloud services can enable organizations to decrease the time-to-market of their Cloud-based products and services, without compromising security and compliance. Capable of migrating all types of workloads (Oracle and non-Oracle) from on-premise to the Oracle Cloud, LTI can facilitate the smooth integration of Cloud with on-premise and third-party applications.

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    • End-to-end cloud migration and integration services, including pre-configuration Lift / Shift, reference & transit architecture design, network integration, prototype setup, production build using DevOps, and data migration & conversion.
    • Extensive design and management of integration, and interoperability cutover planning.
    • Jumpstart solutions with readymade templates and workflows.
    • Custom tools and application to accelerate migration from your dedicated data centers to the Cloud.


    • Reduced overall cost of business operations considerably.
    • Increased competitive advantage with integrated PaaS to SaaS.
    • Lowered time-to-market, with quick migrations and deployments.
    • Secured applications and data across all Cloud instances, with identity & access management services.