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Oracle Communities of Practice

Oracle Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice

Communities of Practice is a group of experts in their respective areas who work together with an objective of:


Demonstrating thought leadership and leading-edge Oracle capabilities.


Promoting culture of team building and lifelong learning.


Promoting culture of team building and lifelong learning.

Employees enrol in one or more Communities of Practice and cross-leverage the knowledge across the communities. Progress in Communities of Practice is all about learning, contributing and applying. With Communities of Practice, we have improved employee learning hours by 55% and Oracle Cloud Certifications by 40% in the last 12 months.

The Communities of Practice contributes in various ways to improve our services to clients such as:

Developing POVs & advisory capabilities

Design & solution validation

Thought leadership on technological SWOT, new releases, emerging trends, etc.

Three Pillars of the Communities of Practice




The Communities of Practice operate under the aegis of the comprehensive Talent Management Strategy for the Oracle practice that includes:

I T π E Model A comprehensive learning model to create individualized learning paths for multi-skilling with depth and breadth. Depth is measured through applied hours of expertise & breadth is measured through number of certifications and levels.

Holistic Learning Infrastructure Oracle Cloud Learning Academy fully functional on LTI Shoshin School Platform and powered by Oracle University, Pluralsight and Udemy.

LTI Communities of Practice(COP) for Oracle Practitioners: