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Oracle EPM Service Monitoring

Many organizations are facing challenges about being able to predict failure of their IT applications. The reactive approach is dated; today enterprises want to optimize costs by predicting such failures.

LTI’s Hyperion team helps enterprises identify all automation venues and implement a predictive mechanism to minimize these failures. These Hyperion automations will ensure minimal downtime of Hyperion applications with a proactive resolution to upcoming application failure problems.

Key Features

  • Easy-to-deploy with minimal configuration
  • Automatically discovers all Hyperion web and application elements
  • Continuously monitors all tiers of EPM applications
  • Provides an insight into EPM health status
  • Timely alerts to enable preventive action
  • User-friendly interface with dashboards
  • Diagnose root-cause

Business Benefits

  • Advance warning messages on Heap low to check the load on server
  • Service down gets flagged within 15 minutes of occurrence
  • Quick turnaround to make services available to users before even they notice the downtime
  • Disk space gets monitored 24/7 and notification is provided
  • Server hung can be proactively identified and corrected
  • Performance of disk speed is known in advance Disk I/O speed

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