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Oracle EPM Infrastructure Health-Check Solution

LTI has developed a specialized Oracle EPM infrastructure Health-Check solution, which can be deployed with minimal changes at the client environment. It alerts the infrastructure support team well in advance by creating e-mail notifications. There are in-built automation scripts which regularly monitor and take care of server activities and send alerts when it surpasses the threshold limit defined in scripts. This in turn makes the infrastructure environment stable and steady. It also helps reduce FTE count by reducing manual effort and mundane work.

Key Features

  • Actively monitors all Oracle EPM services and alerts the IT team in case of mishaps
  • Automated Oracle EPM service recycles overnight as per scheduled time and generates alerts on shutdown and restart
  • Overnight sync on DR server by automation of script for Essbase, LCM and Financial Reports, which are not possible using the DB mirroring
  • Regular checks on disk space on all severs and alerts if gets filled beyond the threshold limit defined in scripts
  • Continuously checks any reboot on any Hyperion servers
  • Continuously checks any server patches on any Hyperion servers

Business Benefits

  • Reduction of manual effort to start/stop Hyperion services overnight
  • Regular health check-ups of all environment servers
  • Optimization of server maintenance and improved efficiency
  • Elimination of need to monitor Hyperion services by automation approach
  • Helps avoid data load failure by creating alerts for disk space
  • Ensures all servers/assets are fully utilized

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