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Heavy Asset Management on Cloud

LTI offers a Heavy Asset Management solution that provides real-time monitoring of assets at various locations and analyzing of equipment health parameters, leveraging the Oracle Big Data Cloud service, which in turn, helps in optimizing fuel consumption and track asset health.

Key Features

  • Live tracking of asset
  • Track equipment performance
  • Fuel consumption optimization
  • Burn rate analysis
  • Study driver behavior
  • Track asset location
  • Monitoring & managing asset health
  • Accessible from everywhere
  • Low data management cost

Business Benefits

  • Integrating equipment data into existing systems
  • Ensuring all assets are fully utilized
  • Managing a geographically dispersed asset
  • Finding specific asset information quickly
  • Controlling unauthorized use of company assets
  • Optimization of asset maintenance and improving asset efficiency
  • Provision of high asset availability without increasing procurement costs
  • Identification of asset criticality and the appropriate maintenance strategy
  • Availability of skill matrix for each operator and need for training requirements
  • Availability of appropriate data for triggering the proactive maintenance of equipment’s is based on the feedback of the operators

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