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Customer Churn Analytics

LTI has developed a Customer Churn Analytics solution to help businesses predict customers which are highly likely to churn soon. The solution also identifies the underlying issues for said attrition. Based on the analysis, the solution further suggests appropriate actions to mitigate the problem.

Key Features

  • Identify customers who are likely to churn to improve churn index
  • Prevent revenue loss through customer retention
  • Identify critical reasons creating customer churn
  • Identify best features that can lure customers from competitors
  • Churn propensity matrix to identify customers who would lead to high revenue loss in case of churn

Business Benefits

  • Ability to perform What-if analysis to evaluate best-fit plans for retention, and to take preventive action
  • On-the-fly prediction
  • No export-import requirement
  • Customer segmentation based on customer value, demographics and churn risk
  • Faster prediction with ORE and advanced analytics, can perform targeted prediction for a subset

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