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Business Platform Cloud Services (BPCS)

L&T Infotech has distinguished itself as a pioneer in Business Platform Cloud Services. We have recurrently enhanced our technology capabilities to the frontiers of the digital age as a thought leader.

We have developed state-of-the-art digital solutions by envisioning the scope of business improvements, which have been enabled by the inception of digital technologies. This is strongly supported by our digital transformation methodology, devised to enable our clients journey toward new technological endeavors

  • Big Data Discovery
  • Document Cloud Services
  • Mobile Cloud Services
  • Process Cloud Services
  • Integration Cloud Services (ICS)
  • Internet of Things – IoT
  • Java Cloud Services
  • Internet Of Things Cloud Services

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    Our Offerings



    • Manage End-to-End Operations
    • Analytics for Optimizing Operations


    • Expertise to Build, Test & Deploy services on PaaS
    • Pioneering Mobile Cloud Services
    • Intriguing IoT Solutions


    • Mature Cloud Migration Strategy
    • Supply Chain Visibility and Collaboration


    exOn Express Onbording

    exOn Express Onbording

    L&T Infotech’s Oracle Business Processes Cloud Service-based ExOn, is a transformational solution aimed at revitalizing employee on-boarding experience and enabling resource billability from day one.

    CM - Claims Management

    CM - Claims Management

    L&T Infotech’s Oracle Business Processes Cloud Service-based Claims Management Solution is an innovative & next generation solution, which facilitates Customer Claim Processing for damaged / defective goods by standardizing processes, pruning processing time