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Our consulting services are focused on evaluating new business solutions, customizing the existing stack, and staying abreast with the latest trends. With Microsoft Dynamics 365, our clients go beyond customer profiling, with active support from the most knowledgeable experts of Microsoft Dynamics 365 in the industry. LTI’s Consulting services are committed to empowering businesses by helping them realize maximum value from all business initiatives. We leverage our business knowledge, process excellence, technology expertise, and a substantial domain experience in chosen industry verticals to give you the best-in-class service with a double booster approach of agility and alignment.

We believe in delivering substantial tangible and incremental benefits to our clients, thus our recommendations provide instant and long-term benefits. Our frameworks and accelerators are an integral part of our methodology, enabling us to deliver consulting services with efficiency and consistency.


  • Highly skilled pool of subject matter experts (SMEs) and domain solution consultants
  • In-house Intellectual Property to enrich the consulting experience
  • Proven successful global consulting engagements for implementations and rollout of Microsoft Dynamics product line
  • A dedicated Business Innovation Center (BIC) to assist client in better decision-making
  • Innovative consulting approach, aligned to business transformation market trends


  • Digital transformation edge
  • Improved productivity & increased revenue
  • Real-time evolution of business processes, with adaptability to new business models in accordance to customer needs or market trends

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