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Managing rail assets is one of the most complex requirements, and many EAM applications do not have a Railways-specific solution, addressing this need. With RaiLnT solution, rail organizations can track, monitor and manage all their critical assets.

The Maximo product portfolio enables rail organizations to respond better to the changing market requirements, by helping them increase equipment availability, reducing operating & maintenance costs, and supporting higher quality requirements to improve passenger satisfaction. Built on a single software platform, LTI RaiLnT solution delivers a comprehensive view of production, facilities, transportation and IT assets across your organization.

This perspective allows you to see all your assets and helps identify the untapped potential of these assets. You gain the knowledge and control you need to more closely align your organization’s goals with your overall business goals. Maximo Asset Management consists of six key management modules: asset, work, service, contract, materials and procurement management. With Maximo Asset Management, you can maximize the performance and lifetime value of your complex assets.

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    • Improves return on assets (ROA).
    • Increases equipment availabilityby 3-5%.
    • Reduces operating and maintenance costs.
    • Lowers total cost of ownership.
    • Increases productivity by 10-15%.
    • Improves asset service delivery responsiveness and revenue.
    • Manages regulatory compliance efforts.
    • Supports&maintains higher quality and service delivery requirements.