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Asset data, work orders scheduling & assignment, along with security roles,and other important functions; are defined in the Maximo EAM. Field engineers need anytime, anywhere access to asset data, locations, asset hierarchy, and maintenance history. And the lack of network connectivity / low bandwidth in the plant / remote sites, forces them to mostly work in the offline mode. Typically, field engineers need to download work orders and the associated attachments once a week.

This is because, multiple work orders are assigned to a field engineer to work on, as they are out of office for majority of the days. However, one work order may be assigned to multiple field engineers depending upon the varied skillset required to fix the asset issues. Moreover, the amount of data captured in the field after having worked on multiple work orders, and to be synced to/from Maximo, is huge. Field engineers therefore, need a simplified view of the data and work flow, mapping to the exact business process, thus allowing them to focus on the task at hand.

LTI’s FieldOn is a mobility solution for end-to-end management of the work order process. This is a cross-platform solution, running seamlessly across Windows (desktop, laptop, tables), iOS and Android tablets & smartphone devices. The solution can be accessed anytime, anywhere, without the need to switch to a VPN to access workflow. FieldOn is a flexible solution, giving you complete freedom to add new features like Inspection, Augmented Reality, IoT, etc.

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    • A cost-effective, simplified and intuitive solution, built on robust open standards-based framework, supporting iOS, Windows 7, Windows 10.
    • Asset master data caching, drastically reducing the initial sync time by 70%.
    • Replicates the exact business workflow as defined in Maximo, with high usability and navigation.
    • The UX design and colors used, allow users to use the app in bright sunlight, and also enables those with color vision deficiencies to use the app effectively.
    • Enables field engineers to work on multiple work orders simultaneously.
    • Provides notifications to field engineers upon any change in the work order, or of the new work order assigned to them in Maximo.
    • Deployment is through the Mobile Device Management platform for any updates in the application.