LTI Anonymization SmartHub

The digital economy has transformed the way personal data is circulated on a global scale.

Data privacy laws impose that personal data should be protected and kept confidential.

Any form of personal and business critical data should be collected, processed and used in a lawful manner. It is also important to protect this information so that it cannot be associated to an individual. This makes the data anonymization process a key driver to ensure protection and compliance with data privacy mandates and regulations.

With Data Anonymization, organizations can have full control of their data and reduce the risk of non-compliance penalties. To help businesses unlock more value from their data without causing any privacy breaches, LTI has developed the Anonymization SmartHub that enables the complete anonymization of business critical and personal information.

About the Solution

LTI’s Anonymization SmartHub is a highly scalable, high-performance data anonymization solution that can accelerate variety of data privacy compliance use cases covering secondary use of data, data archival & retention and consumer rights management.

This solution is powered by IBM’s CloudPak and can be deployed anywhere – on-premise, or on private/ public clouds. This enables organizations in building a scalable model of anonymization which covers global data privacy regulations.

It leverages IBM’s Watson Engine for cognitive analysis to identify business critical and personal information. With CloudPak, identified fields can be anonymized using a variety of techniques for data processing across different users and systems.


Discover personal information and business critical data

Identify, classify and locate data across entire technology landscape under one unified platform

Minimize data leakage risks

Anonymization of personal information for data sharing, data archival and secondary data usage for lawful use and processing of data

Secure data

Protect data using a variety of rule-based anonymization techniques built on the platform

Accelerate data governance

Extensible APIs to integrate with all services on the platform for implementing anonymization across entire ecosystem

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