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LTI’s Next Gen Cyber Defense

In the digital era, the key focus areas for security leaders are to protect their digital asset and respond to cyber threats in a timely and effective manner. The most common concerns for them are:

  • Do I have the capability to perform continuous assessment of security and compliance posture across the enterprise and cloud?
  • How can I auto-remediate incidents and auto recover?
  • How can I progressively reduce my detection gap, response gap and remediation gap?
  • Do I have continuous visibility into my on-premise and cloud assets, along with their risk posture?
  • Do I have continuous visibility into attack surface area available for hacker exploitation?
  • How adaptable are my security controls and processes for instantaneous response?
  • How do I prioritize remediation efforts?

LTI Solution

The solution lies in LTI’s Proactive + Adaptive => Cyber Defense Resiliency offerings. This offering enables Organizations in achieving their security goals, with a shorter time to value.

We are leveraging IBM QRadar Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), User behavior analytics, Resilient SOAR platform (security Orchestration, Automation and Response), as well as IBM Packet capture, Network behavior analytics as part of the larger offering. IBM X-FORCE intelligent threat feeds are leveraged for enrichment and contextualization.

Next Generation Cyber Defense Resiliency Center (CDRC) powered by IBM: LTI’s CDRC offering enables monitoring, analyzing, managing and optimizing any organizations security posture on an ongoing basis.

Our CDRC monitors and analyzes activity on networks, servers, endpoints, databases, applications, websites, and other systems, looking for anomalous activity that could be an incident or compromise.

The CDRC is further capable of ensuring that potential security incidents are correctly defended, investigated, and reported.

Key features

  • Complete visibility
  • Prioritized threat detection
  • Automated investigations
  • Integrated response
  • Real-time attack surface visibility
  • User behaviors analytics
  • Cyber risk management
  • Proactive advisories and remediation assistance

Key benefits


  • Most Optimal Balance of Value & Risk. Best-of-breed, proven technology solution deployment for future proofing investment strategy.
  • Industry leading technology platform industry leading capabilities in Cyber Defense operations, Intelligence, automation that has been proven in large real-life settings.
  • Highest level of Incumbent Knowledge, reduced risk of transition given the incumbent knowledge in majority of applications, cloud portfolio.
  • Deep industry domain & engineering synergies across various domains.
  • Investment in relationship & skin-in-the-game.
  • Creating a core - Cyber Defense Reference Architecture for the Digital Core 3 Strategic initiatives (Next-Gen, Active, Digital SOC) to accelerate vision.
  • 1 % of revenue earned invested in continuous cyber defense innovation.
  • Board level cyber risk advisory.

Awards & Recognitions

ISG Provider Lens™


ISG Provider Lens™

LTI listed as Leader in the ISG Provider Lens survey for Managed Security Service Providers, Mid-Markets, 2020

ISG Provider Lens™


ISG Provider Lens™

LTI listed as Rising Star in the ISG Provider Lens survey for Managed Security Service Providers, Mid-Markets, 2019

Everest Group


Everest Group

LTI ranked as a Major Contender in Everest Group IT Security Services PeakMatrixTM Assessment, 2019

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