Modernizing applications for the cloud is a prerequisite to maximizing business benefits. And, it requires a comprehensive and robust understanding of associated functionalities and technical components. LTI’s scientific approach to modernization ensures business continuity and value realization @ speed.

Infrastructure Modernization

Our experts deliver an enterprise cloud solution to transform existing datacenters into a web-scale, hyper-converged infrastructure built for virtualized and cloud environments. This is delivered in partnership with Nutanix, Dell, and Cisco and offers customers the advantage of improved performance and revenues from a web-scale architecture. The solution is hypervisor agnostic and provides

multiple options to leverage existing hypervisors such as VMware/Hyper-V or deploy Nutanix AHV.

Our infrastructure modernization services for GCP include VMWare-as-a-Service, Microsoft Workloads On GCP, bare-metal solutions, data center modernization, and infrastructure migration.

Application Modernization

LTI’s modernization approach for GCP is a comprehensive three-step process that lifts and modernizes suitable applications from running in VMs to running in containers. This is done without rewriting any code, deploying containerized applications to

to Anthos using modern continuous integration/continuous deployment (CI/CD) practices, and refactoring applications to appropriate application stacks, modern frameworks, and microservices over time.

Tools and Technologies

Infinity Cloud Platform

Ensure faster cloud adoption and transformation with our comprehensive suite of 100+ cutting-edge engineering tools and processes.

Fast Factory

Quickly roll out application-centric workload assessment, migration, and streamlined operations through a pre-defined, iterative process.


Integrate industrial-scale capabilities with pre-configured industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across disparate cloud models without a robust cloud migration framework.


Decrease turnaround time by 40% for business case and cloud cost analysis

Migrate 2X faster while delivering a sustainable end-state environment

Ensure zero business disruption and impact by leveraging a factory model

Increase workload optimization by 25%


Optimize your cloud migration journey and speed up your digital transformation—leverage LTI’s full range of modernization services for increased flexibility, scalability, and innovation.

Re-Host to Cloud

Lift-and-shift workloads to the cloud

LTI utilizes GCP’s Migrate-for-Compute engine for fast, flexible, and safe migration. This helps lower IT costs with significant increase business agility. LTI’s cloudassessment toolkit, RapidAdopt, and Passify offer a seamless experience by automating infra and app assessments.

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Cloud Re-engineering

Re-engineer applications to microservices and cloud-native

Develop cloud-based applications customized for domain-specific requirements to ensure increased agility, resiliency, and scalability. We make this easy byre-engineering critical applications onto GCP’s native platform.

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Application Containerization

Container-first approach for all workloads, including platform services and VMs

Leverage independent containers and modular development to rapidly shift, enhance, and scale applications and ensure faster time-to-market. We use Anthos, GKE,and Cloud Run services to containerize applications efficiently.

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Re-platform to Cloud

Re-platform to OSS (Transformation of operating system upgrades, App/web server, Database)

Remediate fundamental infrastructural inefficiencies, including operating system upgrades, database and middleware remediation, or use of containers, in the migration stage.