The smart enterprise is disrupting the market landscape by becoming more agile and flexible by migrating to the cloud at speed and scale. Ensure you get your cloud migration journey first-time-right by partnering with LTI to drive faster digital transformation.

Leverage our proven engineering expertise, comprehensive tools and methodologies to seamlessly shift to the cloud, streamline legacy systems, and implement a well-defined DevSecOps automation framework.

Tools and Technologies


Integrate standardized capabilities with exclusive, pre-configured and industry-specific tools, methods, and automation across a multi-cloud environment by deploying our comprehensive cloud migration framework.

Fast Factory

Scale, accelerate, and standardize your cloud migration and app transformation workload by leveraging a pre-defined, iterative process. LTI’s Cloud Application Migration Factory ensures that each app undergoes specific steps while migrating to the cloud.

Infinity Cloud Platform

Kick-start and accelerate your cloud adoption journey at scale by leveraging LTI’s comprehensive suite of over 100 advanced engineering tools and processes.


Reduce business case and cloud cost analysis time by up to 40%

Deploy a factory model to ensure zero business disruption and impact

Speed up migration by 2X while delivering a sustainable end-state environment

Drive 25% workload optimization


LTI’s comprehensive modernization and migration services are a sure way to maximize the outcome and value of your cloud implementation. Our experts leverage the GCP proactively to innovate and speed up the time-to-market for cloud-native products and services while transforming existing workloads.

Purposeful landing zone setup with right foundation services

Setting up foundational services and configuring GCP for the enterprise is imperative to ensuring a successful journey on GCP. We adopt proven frameworks and methodologies to set up GCP for your organization taking into account the connectivity to the on-premises system, identity management, billing and chargeback model, resource hierarchy, access control, and monitoring and logging. LTI uses Teraform or Deployment Manager for an automated approach to your GCP setup that fast-tracks and institutionalizes GCP adoption for project teams through self-service.

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Migrate to compute engine from on-premise, Azure, and AWS virtual machines

As enterprises adopt and migrate to a containerized infrastructure, a big chunk of the workload runs on virtual machines—public clouds such as Azure and AWS, or on-premise. Migrating to compute engine could be the first step for any organization to start getting the benefits of the cloud and shift to an OPEX model. LTI’s established factory-based migration approach for VM workloads uses automated solutions such as GCP’s Migrate-for-Compute Engine (Velostrata) and LTI’s Autopod and Rapid Adopt solutions, saving organizations 40% to 60% migration effort.

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Migrate on GCP VM Ware Engine

For organizations that run on VM Ware on-premises, GCP has a comprehensive managed services offering for migrating VM Ware to benefits from both worlds. Google Cloud VMware Engine services enable enterprises to innovate by leveraging GCP’s advanced data, AI, and other cloud-native services. LTI’s focused group for VM Ware solutions on GCP helps customers migrate to and transform workloads on GCP.

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Migrate using Anthos

GCP’s Anthos-based VM Migration service is a leading solution to maximize the benefits of containerization. LTI has rich experience in empowering customers to set up Anthos for multi and hybrid cloud and onboard applications and workloads seamlessly.

Migration of Databases, DW, and Analytics

Cloud offers several economic and scalable solutions for managing your data. LTI offers advanced tools and processes for streamlined migration of databases, DW, and analytics solutions on GCP. We offer Canvas BigExport to migrate on Big Query from source Databases on Oracle and Snowflake.

LTI’s Data & Analytics services address concerns around the problem-first or data-first approach and drives data democratization, analytics, and use cases. A significant challenge is finding the right skill-sets for such implementations that require a combined knowledge of technology, business context, and statistics. Our experts help you harness the power of disruptive next-gen technologies to unlock multi-fold, amplified outcomes for the business.

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