The modern enterprise is fast-tracking its cloud adoption to accelerate business agility and growth. Simplify your cloud migration journey with LTI’s world-class and proven cloud management services, including automation, optimization, governance, and security. Our experienced professionals have deep domain expertise in actively supporting clients and their customers across critical event support, security management, and complex systems support deployment. With LTI, you can be assured of reduced network maintenance costs, custom and integrated services, data security and no business disruption.

Seamlessly leverage our converged operations model for a single-window operational experience and a process-centric approach for better control on performance and maintenance. LTI’s comprehensive managed services offerings are developed on an Adaptive Converged Cloud Ops Model. They are powered by Cognitive Intelligence and Cloud Brokerage platforms, offering a faster turnaround time across cross-skilled teams.

Tools and Technologies

Infinity Cloud Platform

Leverage LTI’s Infinity Platform, an end-to-end suite of 100+ modern engineering tools and processes, for rapid cloud adoption and transformation.

Cloud Ensure

Implement our autonomous cloud governance and FinOps platform to streamline compliance and costs and benefit from well-defined best practices for multi-cloud environments. Cloud Ensure is available both in SaaS and enterprise versions.

Cloud Brokerage Platform

Ensure seamless user experience across a multi-cloud environment, on-demand, at speed, and from a single pane of glass by leveraging LTI’s a centralized and integrated Cloud Brokerage Platform.

Smart Deploy

Lower costs and risks and ensure faster deployment by capturing infrastructure-as-a-code, configuration-as-a-code, and intelligent automation with only a few clicks.


Ensure a single point of ownership for all incidents with converged CloudOps

Improve service delivery performance and lower stagnated IT costs

Access real-time reporting and track SLAs by deploying digital governance and FinOps

Eliminate skill-based layering in cloud operation and streamline multiple processes


Access a full spectrum of 24x7x365 support for cloud infrastructure, including applications, data, and enterprise workloads.

Cloud Operations Center

SLA-based cloud operations and governance

Increase IT operations resiliency and minimize operational costs by utilizing LTI’s integrated managed services offerings to automate. Ensure a seamless cloud experience by provisioning, configuring, securing, monitoring, and managing your applications and infrastructure.

Service Reliability Engineering

Engineer continuous operations and infrastructure

Minimize any disruption to your digital ecosystem and ensure superior customer experiences by leveraging our Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) services. Focus on automated infrastructure, continuous integration, and automated software builds for continuous delivery. Utilize LTI’s Canvas Resilience to harden apps and deliver business resilience to address the enterprise need for end-to-end SRE.

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FinOps for Cloud

Collaborative, real-time cloud financial management

Focus on deploying cost optimization framework and well-structured reviews to actively monitor costs, analytics, performance, benchmarking, capacity planning, and forecasting with our cloud FinOps services. Our FinOps for cloud also helps drive chargebacks, ensures cost and usage optimization and cost governance, and improves decision-making.

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