In era of rapid digital transformation, when every organization is navigating the cloud journey, one of the major challenges they encounter is to ensure security of the workloads throughout the entire cloud migration lifecycle (before migration-during migration- after migration). The primary challenges enterprises face vis-à-vis cloud security include, constantly evolving cloud threat vectors, de-centralized view of cloud security posture, managing runtime security vulnerabilities and blending security with speed of cloud transformation

LTI’s Enterprise Cloud Security Offering is augmented by Google Cloud Protection and provides end-to-end managed security services that enable organizations to navigate their cloud transformation journey in a secured, accelerated, agile manners.

LTI’s Cloud Security Offereings

Cloud Security Posture & Risk Management (CSPRM)

Cloud Workload Protection & Risk Management (CWPRM)

Container Security & Risk Management

Cloud Defense SIEM(Chronicle- Backstory)

Our Value Proposition

Visibility and Coverage

Real-time, centralized 360-degree view for entire cloud estate.

Managing Workload Protection

Secured endpoint protection with best-in-class EDR/AV, vulnerability scanning solution.

Prevention from Data Leakage

Assurance of data security by applying encryption (at-rest, in-transit), data leak prevention policy.

Protection from Unauthorized Access

Elimination of over-permissive, deprecated, external user access to workload.

Handling of Security incident

Real-time incident monitoring and response through customized MITRE ATT&CK detection rules, playbook, workbook, threat intelligence, UEBA.

Automation, Speed & Efficiency

Real-time, fully automated security incident/event/ hygiene detection, qualification, and response with

Workload Security-by-design

Secure landing platform with zero-trust network architecture, blueprint, template for protecting cloud resource from external/internal attacks & data breaches.

Delivering Workload Compliance

Assurance of workloads compliant with security and regulatory compliance standards, strengthens security hygiene, regulatory compliance hygiene, IAM hygiene, network hygiene, zero-trust arch, endpoint hygiene, IoT security hygiene, Kubernetes/container registry hygiene.

Google Cloud Security-Technology Landscape


ETD, CTD, Organization policy


Cloud Ops suite


Beyond-Corp Ent.


Web Security Scanner

Container Analysis

Cloud DLP, IAM

Anomaly Detection

NW Intelligence

Network Security

WAF, Cloud Armor

Available Packages


Includes Cloud Security Posture & Risk Management

(CSPRM) + Cloud Workloads Protection & Risk Management (CWPRM)


Standard + Container Security Risk & Management


Gold + Cloud Defense SIEM (Chronicle- Backstory)