With customer-centricity and speed-to-market driving businesses, more and more enterprises are adopting cloud platforms, transforming legacy, and seeking insight-led decisions. This, in turn, is accelerating the application of modern engineering practices that focus on quality, security, self-service, automation, and immutable infrastructure to reduce manual intervention and ensure efficiently integrated Dev and Ops teams operating on measurable outcomes.

LTI helps customers innovate faster and transform software delivery, ensuring improved quality and faster time-to-market.

Leveraging our proven proprietary DevSecOps solution, we have helped global enterprises seamlessly onboard, automate, and manage projects throughout their lifecycle. Our DevSecOps solutions and services are structured to improve operational efficiencies, strengthen customer relationships within and outside the client organization, share knowledge, and manage change for sustained excellence.

Traditional software development and delivery often meant expensive and immobile proprietary tools. Google Cloud’s approach uses open source, making it portable and vendor-neutral.

Tools and Technologies

Infinity Cloud Platform

A cloud-agnostic, high-performance delivery excellence platform for better scalability and consistency across cloud services. Leverage our suite of over 100 engineering tools and processes to fast-track your cloud adoption and transformation.

LTI Canvas DevOps Platform

Delivering continuous agility for increased efficiency and cost savings with our all-in-one self-service DevSecOps platform. LTI Canvas DevOps addresses disparate business goals by establishing a scaled DevSecOps platform.

LTI’s Canvas Resilience

Solidify your apps for improved business endurance via chaos engineering, continuous observability, and proactive resilience insights. Leverage our unified reliability engineering platform that modernizes and enhances journey across personas.


Automate your migration to containers, convert monolithic apps into cloud-native microservices, and automate deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud environments.


Ensure 30X faster DevOps adoption

Deliver 25X faster time-to-market

Reduce operational effort by 40%-50%

Increase developer productivity by 50%-60%


Our offerings include comprehensive DevSecOps services with the right DevSecOps tools and processes for efficient GCP Cloud adoption. Automating DevOps is a sure way to evolve and improve applications by delivering changes faster continuously. Our DevOps-as-a-Service offerings include:

Cloud Operations Center

Leverage our modern software engineering platform, LTI Canvas, to ensure business-aligned DevSecOps assessment and a transformation roadmap integrated with customer experience.

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Enablement Service

Transform DevOps with new ways of working with optimized CI/CD processes aligned to customer objectives. This includes DevOps ecosystem setup, CI/CD pipeline enablement, continuous deployment, infra-as-a-code, and containerization.

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Site Reliability Engineering Service

Develop robust, future-ready applications by leaning on LTI’s extensive experience setting up Site Reliability Engineering capabilities for global enterprises. Address operational and infrastructure issues and develop ultra-scalable, highly reliable distributed systems by leveraging our rich software engineering expertise.

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Managed Services

We support enterprises with world-class cloud management services, including automation, optimization, governance, security. Support services cover CI/CD pipelines and tools using outcome-based models, including enterprise support services for the LTI Canvas DevOps platform.

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