Migrate & Transform on the Cloud with Speed & Accuracy

Modern organizations are seeking new, innovative ways to rapidly and cost-effectively scale infrastructure. At the same time, they are looking to take advantage of advanced analytics, machine learning, and other powerful capabilities in the cloud. LTI’s dedicated Google Cloud Platform (GCP) enables organizations to leverage proven GCP best practices with speed and confidence. Our cloud transformation solution is powered by LTI’s proprietary C=BT2 business transformation framework and follows four fundamental dimensions:

Purposeful holistic GCP Cloud Strategy This includes modernizing application and infrastructure and delivering world-class GCP Data and analytics capabilities.

Infinity Cloud Our cloud-agnostic delivery excellence platform offers increased scalability and consistency across cloud services—from migration to modernization

GCP Gigs Our passionate team of GCP cloud experts bring a holistic approach to your GCP cloud journey, maximizing ROI and ensuring secure and scalable implementation.

Productized Cloud Offers Packaged service offerings across the life cycle of cloud transformation.




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Our GCP Partnership

LTI is a recognized Global System Integrator (GSI) in the Google Cloud Partner Program. Our Premier Partner status validates our expertise and dedication in delivering innovative solutions for complex business problems. We do this by leveraging Google Cloud products integrated with state-of-the-art LTI cloud accelerators and IPs.

Our GCP Offerings

Advisory and Consulting

We empower organizations to adopt the GCP in line with their business objectives seamlessly. Our capabilities include cloud for business, make the shift, DC Uplift, platform engineering, legacy migration, ERP migration, the industry cloud, cloud Mesh, FinOps, and secure ops.

Migrate with Confidence

Leverage our factory-based accelerated migration approach using efficiency kits. Our migration services include a purposeful landing zone set up with the right foundation services, migration to compute engine from on premise, Azure, AWS virtual machines, migration on GCP VM Ware engine, migration using Anthos, and migration of databases, DW, and analytics.

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GCP Managed Services

Optimize your support and service cost by 20%-30% by leveraging our managed services offering for your workloads running on GCP with our Converged FinOps model.

Securing on GCP

Embrace LTI’s active Cyber Defense Resiliency Solutions to resolve your security-related challenges by innovatively creating solutions curated to every possible environment. LTI and GCP seamlessly secure your information, identities, applications, and devices.

Modernize @ Speed

Get end-to-end services for infrastructure and application modernization running on disparate tech stacks. LTI’s automated kits on the Infinity platform fast-track modernization on GCP powered by Anthos and GKE.


Co-innovate industry/LOB-specific preconfigured solutions and deliver ERP transformations by leveraging LTI’s 20+ years relationship with SAP. We are one of SAP’s elite sixteen Global Strategic Services Partners (GSSP) with rich domain experience. GCP LTI provides E2E services for SAP on GCP include migration and upgrades on SAP landscape (SAP S4 HANA, BW, CRM, and more).

Innovate with Data on Cloud

Address critical concerns around the problem-first or data-first approach and the data democratization, analytics, and use cases. With GCP’s world-leading data and AI products, you have the freedom to innovate at speed. This is complemented by LTI’s approach to automate and optimize work volume (do less), accelerate implementation with latest technologies and agile ways of working (do fast), leverage proprietary and domain-specific solutions and accelerators to deliver persona-based services (do more), and fast-track business process transformation with Mosaic and Canvas Platforms (do better).

Machine Learning and AI

Deploy AI and cognitive computing to address a broad spectrum of organizational demands and focus on business use cases that quickly deliver measurable outcomes. LTI’s AI & Cognitive (AIC) services unlock the full potential of artificial intelligence and solve complex business challenges. Using GCP’s Vertex AI, you can now implement more models faster, with up to 80% fewer lines of code required for custom modeling.

Agile and DevOps

Because agility is a continuous journey, our core transformation methodology is rooted in Agile and DevOps to increase efficiency and cost savings. Our experts work with clients to set up a cloud-agnostic DevOps solution and also leverage the power of the native GCP‘s Anthos and Cloud Build service. Utilizing the Canvas DevOps platform allows us to operationalize DevOps faster.

Disaster Recovery and Backup

Ensure RPO and RTO objectives are met for backup and recovery times at a minimal cost. For disaster recovery and backup, use native GCP services GCVE and Actifio or implement hybrid solutions/tools to secure your existing investment in systems and people. LTI has a proven framework and approach for all workload types.

Solutions, IPs and Accelerators


A toolkit to identify and assess the current state of your infrastructure and build a comprehensive model along with target architecture for a seamless migration to the cloud at a lower TCO.


Autonomous cloud governance and FinOps platform that manages compliance, implements well-architected best practices, and ensures cost optimization in a multi-cloud environment.


A re-engineering assistant tool that performs an application code analysis to determine your cloud migration-readiness.

Mosaic Decisions

A data logistics platform that accelerates the your cloud journey by harnessing your hyper-distributed data at speed and scale to extract actionable insights.

Mosaic AI

A cognitive AI platform for an intuitive experience in building, training, deploying, and managing enterprise-scale AI models.

Mosaic Catalog

A platform to drive faster, multi-faceted discovery and exploration of disparate assets and seamless integration for persona-specific downstream activities.

Mosaic Agnitio

An intelligent document understanding platform powered by deep learning for mining knowledge and images from documents for improved decisions and process automation.


An AI-powered platform that delivers investigative search, advanced analysis, and autonomous insights through a self-serve model.

LTI Infinity LAMPS

Tools and accelerators to industrialize the cloud migrations of SAP workloads with comprehensive insights into the migration lifecycle.

LTI Infinity Smart Analyzer

A comprehensive business case and deployment roadmap to analyze the impact and accelerate your S/4HANA migration.

LTI Infinity Profiler

A 360-degree view of your SAP system with automated knowledge capture to identify opportunities for simplification.

LTI Infinity Insight Ops

An insight-driven integrated platform that orchestrates the power of new SAP solutions and technologies, performs business process mapping, and automates code remediation.