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Reducing costs, enhancing procurement effectiveness and espousing smarter sourcing techniques are the outcomes that every organization strives for. The powerful combination of Coupa and L&T Infotech helps boost your bottom line growth by maximizing your organization’s savings. We deliver Coupa at your organization’s door step to oversee all areas where your company spends its top dollar and help you discover untapped saving opportunities.

Our partnership with Coupa, coupled with our team of certified consultants and procurement experts, helps your organization smoothly move into a world of spend well-managed. Our experts look into the specific needs of your buyers & users, and also understand your requirements from your suppliers, to frame a roadmap to determine the best that Coupa has to offer.

Our expertise across services, ranging from strategizing, implementation, to post implementation support, ensures that we achieve the shortest delivery lead time for our clients to achieve the best time to value.

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    COUPA Services


    Our Procurement consultants assess your requirements and determine the best way in which Coupa can fit into your ecosystem. We help develop a roadmap for Coupa deployment and assign appropriate metrics to ensure a smooth implementation throughout.


    Coupa is configured as per individual needs and the needs of an organization, to provide the best user experience and optimum functionality.


    We specialize in speedy integration services through specialized tools that assist data mining from your ERP.

    Deploy and Support 

    Very cautiously, with thorough monitoring, we help you Go Live. With extensive training, we ensure that all stakeholders of your Coupa network are ready to get started. Thereafter, our support services help you adopt through expansion and version changes.

    COUPA Capabilities

    L&T Infotech capabilities spread across the following offerings of Coupa:


    Drive cost savings with real-time decision-making, providing better visibility into spend. Also, increase realized savings, with better compliance to business policies and contracts.


    Increase AP efficiency with automation and touchless invoice processing. Improve visibility into financial obligations and better manage cash and working capital.


    Drive compliance with company process and policies. Free AP from manual work, chasing paper and policing to focus on strategic activities.


    Quickly and easily get to the real market price, with real-time collaboration and bidding. Receive continuous recommendations on sourcing opportunities such as commonly expensed items. Ensure real-time enforcement to bridge the gap between sourced and realized savings.


    Reduce stock-out, shrinkage and spoilage to improve delivery while reducing working capital requirements and costs. Identify inventory opportunities automatically by using predictive intelligence.


    Optimize spend by understanding process efficiencies, being informed where your money is going, now and over time, and also grasp if business policies are being enforced and followed.


    Get more suppliers to transact digitally by getting them on a unified platform. Ensure faster time to value, transaction efficiency and reliability, ensuring better relationship between buyers and suppliers.