The Energy sector, globally, has always been volatile due to disruptions in one form or other. With pandemic, recession, etc. becoming a recurring phenomenon, oil & gas companies need to focus strongly on optimizing their cost, making operations efficient and create products which generate higher margins.

Cloud-based operations are helping the industry accelerate its digital transformation journey by connecting siloed operations, along with higher speed and lower cost. With cloud-powered data solutions, the industry is swiftly monetizing huge amounts of data generated by its assets and is incorporating more of data-based decision making in its strategy building and execution.

Backed by 80 years of engineering DNA and premier consulting partnership status, LTI is leading the digital transformation journeys in the energy space. The flexibility and wide range of cloud service offerings furnish a broad-spectrum of possibilities right from hosting web applications, operations technology applications to building AI/ML solutions. Our industrialized capabilities include exclusive, pre-configured, industry-specific tools, methodologies and automation processes across all cloud environments.

Trending Cloud Energy Services

  • Data on cloud
  • Digital workplace on cloud
  • Hybrid cloud environment

Our Offerings

Cloud Consulting

LTI’s consulting services incorporate migration-readiness assessments, business process management and governance frameworks for well-architected audits and security on cloud.

Migration and Modernization

Cloud hosting services bring scalability and resilience by leveraging futuristic cloud solutions like containerization, microservices, modernizing OSS, data warehouses, and software to automate application migration.

DevOps Automation

This service integrates IT development, operations, and security to build a secure systems development life cycle that provides continuous delivery processes and configuration management automation for faster high-quality software delivery.

Managed Services

Enhance operational efficiency with 24/7 deployment monitoring, and security support. Endorse business-intelligent cloud solutions via autonomous cloud enablement and application operations to build a self-governing cloud strategy, auto-remediate performance issues .


LTI’s well-architected governance framework bundles industry-specific design principles with best practices to optimally evaluate and measure cloud setups. The multi-cloud platform proactively governs and recommends secure, compliant, cost-efficient and optimized cloud infrastructure systems.

Artificial Intelligence

LTI’s distinctive, AI-based smart solutions include subsurface data management, integrated collaboration center, and advance leak detection solutions, coupled with Chatbots for customer support. Additionally, there are AI/ML-based solutions specifically catering to upstream, midstream, and downstream segments.

Data Analytics

LTI’s Data & Analytics formulate effective ML-led strategies to generate projections and recommendations for a successful digital transformation. Our cloud-based data solutions such as OSDU adoption and E&P Data Management are designed to assist clients in adopting a complete data-based decision making approach.