Get access to best-in-class cloud management services, including automation, optimization, governance, and security with LTI’s Managed Services and Operations offerings. Our experts have proven and rich experiences in supporting enterprises with varying needs such as significant event support, advanced security management, and deployment of heavy systems support.

LTI’s robust managed services offerings are built on an Adaptive Converged Cloud Ops Model, powered by Cognitive Intelligence Platform and Cloud Brokerage Platform. By leveraging our converged operations model, global organizations have successfully ensured single-window operations with a process-centric approach for faster response across cross-skilled teams.

Tools & Technology

Infinity Cloud Platform

Accelerate your cloud adoption and transformation journey with our Infinity Platform, an end-to-end suite of 100+ modern engineering tools and processes.

Smart Deploy

Ensure end-to-end infrastructure lifecycle deployment with a combination of infrastructure-as-a-code, configuration-as-a-code, and intelligent automation.

Cloud Ensure

Manage compliance requirements, optimize costs, and access well-architected best practices for multi-cloud environments with Cloud Ensure, our autonomous cloud governance and FinOps platform. Cloud Ensure is available both in SaaS and enterprise versions.

Cloud Brokerage Platform

Manage business services across multiple clouds, on-demand, at speed, and from a single pane of glass through our self-service Cloud Brokerage Platform.


Drive converged CloudOps with a single point of ownership for all incidents

Leverage a purpose-built cloud-agnostic hybrid solution

Implement digital governance and FinOps for real-time reporting and SLA tracking

Maximize focus on developer productivity and self-service


LTI offers a full spectrum of 24x7x365 support for cloud infrastructure, including applications, data, and enterprise workloads.

Cloud Operations Centre

SLA based Cloud Operations & Governance

Utilize our integrated managed services offerings to enhance IT operations resiliency and reduce operational costs through automation. Power your transformation to a seamless cloud experience by provisioning, configuring, securing, monitoring, and managing your applications and infrastructure.

Service Reliability Engineering

Engineer continuous operations and infrastructure

Ensure high availability of your digital ecosystem and deliver best-in-class customer experience through our SRE services. We focus on business continuity, improved collaboration, and automated solutions. LTI’s Canvas Resilience is a unified reliability engineering platform that fulfils the enterprise’s need for end-to-end site reliability engineering extending from development to operations.

FinOps for Cloud

Collaborative, real-time cloud financial management

Monitor costs, analytics, performance, benchmarking, capacity planning, and forecasting more effectively with our cloud FinOps services. It also drives chargebacks, cost and usage optimization, cost governance, and improved decision-making. LTI’s robust FinOps model and Cloud Ensure platform enable this while focusing on cost optimization framework and well-structured reviews.