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Content-Aware Deduplication

The cloud-based solution aims at transforming the media & entertainment landscape by optimising storage cost for content hence, enabling AI/ML techniques for smarter content & supply chain.

Addressing the need

  • Rising storage costs for storage capacity are mainly due to unchecked content growth and unmanaged version control.
  • Increasing need to expand storage, and recurring costs of retaining unused assets.
  • Structured content upkeep for efficient and effective governance and compliance.
  • Lack of single integratable seamless video deduplicating product in the market.

The How

Cloud-based AI/ML techniques to enable identification & reduction of duplicates from the content library and filters unique versions. Thus, providing a choice to the operator to rely on an AI-driven solution to choose and decide the version to be retained, without manually analyzing each file. Content is then routed to low, middle, or high-cost storage tiers based upon historical usage, ensuring that storage cost optimization is constantly maintained.

Value Proposition

Cloud storage cost that increases due to higher deduplication ratios.
Fine-tune and adapt to duplicate types found in a content providers’ environment.
Add models deeply relevant to content provider/ duplicate content culture.
Cloud-agnostic and application, platform, protocol-independent.
Delivered through secured LTI mediacube platform.
Deep object inspection to detect any manual errors and differences that can’t be easily spotted.

AWS Services used

AWS Services used

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