Speed to market is one of the key drivers for achieving a sustainable competitive edge. With most enterprises across industries facing intense competition, cost pressures, and disruption from digital-first players, occupying the catbird seat requires unequivocal focus on boosting business agility.

LTI leverages DevSecOps automation to help you innovate faster and transform software delivery, ensuring high quality and faster time-to-market. Our proprietary DevSecOps solution seamlessly onboards, automates, and manages projects throughout their lifecycle, creating operational efficiencies and collaboration at scale and delivering superior business outcomes.

Tools & Technology

Infinity Cloud Platform

A comprehensive suite of 100+ modern engineering tools and processes that helps customers accelerate their cloud adoption and transformation journey.

LTI Canvas DevOps Platform

An all-in-one self-service DevSecOps platform for automated enablement with value-stream based delivery and persona-based governance.

LTI’s Canvas Resilience

A unified reliability engineering platform that fulfils the enterprise need for end-to-end site reliability engineering extending from development to operations.


A tool to automate application migration to containers, convert monolithic applications into cloud-native microservices, and automate deployment across hybrid and multi-cloud.


30xfaster DevOps adoption vis à vis the traditional approach

25x faster time-to-market

40 – 50 % reduced operational efforts

50 – 60 % increased developer productivity


LTI offers a full spectrum of DevSecOps services, complemented with the right DevSecOps tools and processes for efficient cloud adoption on AWS. DevOps automation helps organizations continuously evolve and improve applications by delivering changes at a faster pace. Our DevOps as-a-Service offerings include:

Consulting Service

Drive business-aligned DevSecOps assessment leveraging LTI Canvas and transformation roadmap aligned to your objectives.

Enablement Service

Transform DevOps with new ways of working with optimized CI/CD processes aligned to your objectives. This includes DevOps ecosystem setup, CI/CD pipeline enablement, continuous deployment, infra-as-a- code, and containerization.

Site Reliability Engineering Service

Build resilient and reliable applications by leveraging our experience in setting up various forms of Site Reliability Engineering capabilities for global engagements. Incorporate software engineering principles to solve operational and infrastructure issues and develop ultra-scalable, highly reliable distributed systems.

Managed Services

Support services that include end-to-end CI/CD pipelines and tools using outcome-based models, including enterprise support services for LTI Canvas DevOps platform.