The future of your business resides within your data value chain—how efficiently you capture, curate, manage, operate and consume data. Modern enterprises are now looking to extend their digital transformation journey, innovate faster, and unlock greater flexibility, agility, and new growth opportunities in the cloud.

Discover how you can unlock the limitless potential of AWS services with LTI’s comprehensive suite of data products:

Capture and Curate

Leverage cloud-native architectures and build new, innovative solutions on AWS.

Manage and Operate

Fast-track and optimize managing AWS environments with market-leading expertise in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Analyze and Consume

Find new, cutting-edge methods to harness data insights and interact with your clients and customers.


Mosaic Decisions

Cloud-native DataOps Platform

Accelerate your enterprise cloud journey by harnessing valuable data for actionable insights from hyper-distributed data at speed and scale.

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Mosaic AI

Turn AI into Action

Build, train, deploy, and manage an intuitive and simplified AI/ML portfolio at an enterprise scale for a seamless, personalized, and “build-to-run” transition.

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Mosaic Catalog

Map your data future

Develop a cognitive discovery solution for the enterprise with an intuitive and contextual interface for a personalized experience.

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Mosaic Agnitio

Unleash the value of unstructured data

Extract content and knowledge from documents and images for improved decisions and process automation.

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Explore Limitless Insights

Cut the chase to informed decision-making with AI-powered investigative search, advanced analysis, and autonomous insights—all delivered through a self-serve model.

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