LTI offers end-to-end migration services using the latest AWS technologies to modernize infrastructure platforms.

Our Offerings

Migration-readiness assessment

Assess the current landscape using our Framework – “Discover-Strategize-Analyze” to zero-in on the migration-readiness and the roadmap to cloud journey.

Migration strategy and approach

Analyze the current data landscape and build a comprehensive migration approach utilizing our indigenous accelerators/solutions to accelerate your cloud journey. The migration approach will help our customers to have a clear roadmap on the cloud adoption and the benefits.

We have experience in migrating platforms in the scale of 100s of Terabytes to Petabytes of Data.

Cloud security

Secure your Data addressed and Data-at-motion using encryption.

Access control

For improved security and restrict access based on user roles and permission levels, access management will be implemented across the cloud landscape using specialized AWS services.

Cloud monitoring

Analyze audit logs created by AWS monitoring services and detect any anomalies to be notified and assist in a mitigation plan.

LTI’s expertise around key AWS services for cloud migration and governance

Migration, Storage, Database and Analytics: We leverage our experience and expertise around Amazon DMS, SCT, Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3), EMR, Glue, Kinesis, Redshift, Lambda services, EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service), and containerization using Docker, to help you have a smooth and seamless cloud journey.