Your Trusted partner in the cloud

Cloud is a proven enabler for global enterprises to harness the potential of data and drive sustainable growth by using a range of cognitive models. Organizations generate a mammoth amount of heterogeneous data across complex business functions every day.

And capturing, storing, and analyzing this data for insights is crucial to stay ahead of the curve.

With our rich experience in handling large volumes of data and proven frameworks, accelerators and reusable solutions, LTI has helped organizations manage data effectively and leverage it continuously for a competitive edge. We are helping today’s businesses become the global leaders of tomorrow by leveraging the cloud to create superior customer experiences through gainful, actionable insights.

Tools & Technology

Our unified platform helps discover, transform, and consume trusted data and create analytical assets with an exceptionally simplified experience.

LTI’s proprietary platform enables the transformation journey and analysis at scale to generate reports for consumption while optimizing costs and providing unlimited space and computing power to address growing data volumes.


Our Data on Cloud Frameworks will help you transform data into an asset and provide valuable insights. LTI accelerators have enabled clients to complete the processes quickly, efficiently, and effectively by offering better structure for higher productivity, operational nimbleness, and near-infinite scalability and agility.

Higher Productivity

Operational Nimbleness

Near infinite scalability & Agility


LTI Canvas Scarlet

Canvas Scarlet is a comprehensive set of tools that accelerates the journey to AWS. It features to lift & shift data from on-premise to AWS and has ability to migrate the schemas, data and objects contained in the Database. It also facilitates an automated method of reconciliating the migrated data between source and target.

LTI Canvas Glide

Canvas Glide is a user-friendly tool for managing Amazon Redshift database that features Cost analysis, Database insights, Data sharing, Workload management. It also features ML and predictive analytics on sizing using historical data on usage of the clusters. The solution helps users understand, control, and optimize the expenditure and performance of Redshift.