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Computer vision (CV) at Edge

Computer vision (CV) is an approach to use camera to capture and analyze video, apply AI/ML techniques to make predictions and trigger business insights. Analyzing digital images from cameras and videos with deep learning data models can accurately identify, classify objects and respond based on what they “see” through the eyes of computer vision.

Some of the critical business problems and opportunities of newer ways of working, need the combined power of the cloud and ultra low latency. This needs an architecture which has the compute capabilities locally(at the edge) and the scale on cloud, to deliver optimal performance real time.

LTI has developed applications that leverage edge compute capabilities, including extreme low latency and local compute, storage and integrated to the cloud for data modeling at scale. These applications help customer significantly prevent quality anomalies and drive 100% safety compliance. They leverage two new AWS services.

  1. Amazon Lookout for Vision
  2. AWS Panorama

Amazon Lookout for Vision

Amazon Lookout for Vision can be used to identify anomalies such as defects or missing components in an industrial product, irregularities in manufacturing lines, visible wear and tear in machine parts, defects in silicon wafers, and other similar tasks.

Example use cases are air bubbles in transparent medicinal capsules, scratches/discoloration/dents/ porosity on automobile parts, paint defects, damages/missing components in printed circuit boards etc.

LTI has built a solution for manufacturing companies to leverage Amazon Lookout for Vision in their in-line production systems.

AWS Panorama

AWS Panorama, a new Amazon managed service and edge appliance which enable customers to build and manage computer vision applications at the edge to analyze video feeds from onsite cameras, perform predictions locally, and facilitate real-time operational decision making. AWS Panorama makes it easy for customers to use computer vision at the edge with low latency, across all their onsite cameras, and with a high degree of customization to address a wide range of specific use cases such as quality control, workplace safety, and retail analytics. The AWS Panorama Appliance is an edge device that connects to the AWS Panorama service and has enough processing power to analyze video feeds from multiple cameras and generate highly accurate inference within milliseconds. Applications running on the AWS Panorama Appliance can act locally on the data generated by onsite network cameras, enabling customers to use computer vision in environments with constrained internet bandwidth and intermittent connectivity. AWS Panorama is ideal for organizations with data governance rules that require on premises processing and storage of video.

LTI has built solutions for companies to leverage AWS Panorama in their factories, facilities and sites for safety compliance and facility security.