Enterprises across industries are adopting cloud for building differentiated capabilities at scale. LTI has been helping enterprises embrace the cloud faster and build the foundation for driving end-to-end digital transformation. We have made this possible by developing intelligent applications and APIs using microservices, event-driven architectures, and modernizing core operations and the client’s technology landscape with Cloud Native.

Tools & Technology

We offer a customizable catalog of Cloud Native services through a range of IPs and accelerators. LTI’s Infinity Cloud Platform is a complete suite of 100+ modern engineering tools and processes that help customers accelerate their cloud adoption and transformation journey. It includes:


A re-engineering assistant tool to perform application code analysis and determine cloud migration readiness.

Canvas DevOps

A self-service DevSecOps platform for automated enablement and persona-based governance.

Canvas Studio

A low-code platform to develop ready-to-deploy, end-to-end, and resilient Cloud Native applications.

Canvas Engineering

A modern engineering platform for enhanced developer experience, intuitive processes, and a curated tech stack for hybrid working.

Canvas Resilience

A chaos engineering Cloud Native continuous monitoring solution with AI-enabled visualization of key performance metrics.


A toolset for application assessment and containerization with integrated security and deployment across private and public clouds. It helps in migration from legacy container platforms to modern technologies.


Drive better outcomes with LTI’s flexible, agile cloud engineering services.

30% faster Cloud native enablement

More than 25% effort reduction


Cloud Native engineering is the foundation for all modernization and migration initiatives being delivered by LTI. We leverage AWS Cloud Native technology stacks, serverless computing models and microservices architectures with built-in containers to reimagine/ refactor applications. Our full spectrum of services include:

Application Engineering

Adopt Cloud Native to Build Applications Smarter and Faster

Leverage out-of-the-box platforms built with market-leading technologies to quickly develop and deploy greenfield Cloud Native applications.

Integration Services

Simplify deployment and integration of distributed applications

A smart integration middleware using API Management tools, Service Mesh and Event Buses. (API, ESB, BPM, Step Functions, Logic Apps, etc)

Connected ecosystem

Leverage smart solutions to improve CX

Increase operational efficiency, enhance security and compliance, and improve overall customer experience using intelligent solutions that leverage AI/ML, IoT, IIoT, and Edge – AWS IoT core, Amazon FreeRTOS, AWS Greengrass, AWS Cognito, AWS Sagemaker, Amazon’s full AI slate (Polly, Lex, Rekognition), and more, on AWS Cloud.