Global businesses are achieving their digital transformation goals by accelerating the adoption of cloud platforms and services. As enterprises focus on speed, scale, innovation and costs, we enable organizations across industries amplify business outcomes by leveraging our proprietary C=BT2 model on AWS. LTI’s rich industry and technology experience has helped us develop the NorthStar framework across domains to develop a business case leveraging AWS capabilities and ensure faster cloud adoption.

Work with our cloud experts to assess your cloud readiness and outline a purposeful cloud adoption roadmap.

Tools & Technology

Our Infinity Cloud Platform is a comprehensive suite of 100+ modern engineering tools and processes that have empowered customers to ramp up their cloud adoption and transformation journey.

We also leverage our CLIC Framework, a purpose-built tool that handles large scale cloud adoption. Its key elements include:

  • Proven, industry-focused cloud architecture blueprints (immediate, to-be, and futuristic architectures) fast-track cloud transformation.
  • MRAP (Migration Readiness Assessment Planning) for tool-based automated assessment to lay the foundation for a cloud vision


Accelerate cloud assessment by 60% with MRAP framework, proprietary tools, and enhanced output by cloud experts

Focussed public, private or hybrid Cloud design to align your cloud strategy with business strategy

Faster time-to-market and increased profitability with rapid implementations.

Reduces time for business case and cloud cost analysis by 40%

Optimized licensing & support costs, with the best combination of Cloud solutions.

Gain from the maximum availability architecture (MAA) design.

Leverage LTI’s best practices, platforms, and frameworks


Our cutting-edge cloud strategy enables digital transformation for global organizations and has a well-defined structure.

Migration readiness assessment and Planning (MRAP)

Assess your cloud readiness and develop a bespoke metrics-driven business case and ROI roadmap for cloud adoption

MRAP forms the first and most critical step of a cloud journey. MRAP helps build a framework for your cloud vision and determines the pace of the cloud migration lifecycle. MRAP is a five-step process that includes Process Initiation, Data Collection, Stakeholder Interview, Analysis & Strategy Design, and Report Publishing. This structured approach helps enterprises plan and execute cloud migrations efficiently and with minimal disruption.

Business Process-Based Cloud assessment

Business aligned application portfolio strategy focused on processes, customer satisfaction index, and applications

Accelerate business process-based cloud assessment with our blueprint architectures for Industries, “North Star” – reference points, with a “Purposeful Cloud adoption strategy” by industry, function and platform.

Cloud Governance

Autonomous cloud governance platform built to manage multi-cloud environments

CloudEnsure, an autonomous cloud governance platform, manages multi-cloud environments with real-time compliance checks on all your cloud accounts, gives you a bird’s eye view of your cloud portfolio, identify challenges, and the ability to drill down to address disparate aspects based on need.

Well Architected Audits

Robust audits through Cloud Governance platform based on key audit pillar, including security, cost, reliability, performance, and operations

Measure your cloud architecture against cloud best practices with CloudEnsure’s well-structured reviews that assess your cloud architecture under five critical parameters—cost, security, reliability, performance, and operations—and conducts real-time compliance checks and costs analytics.

Cloud Security

Comprehensive cloud security for applications, data, infrastructure, and industry-specific security posture assessment

Secure your IT infrastructure with our real-time security and compliance posture assessment of cloud assets, including IaaS and PaaS, across multi-cloud environments for real-time visibility.