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Amazon Redshift

The right, not just better, Data warehouse for you

Amazon Redshift is a lightning fast, wholly-managed, petabyte-scale data warehouse offering by Amazon Web Services (AWS) that makes it friendly to use and a cost-optimized solution to analyze all your data using the next-gen visualization tools, as well as your existing business intelligence tools. Creating or migrating your data warehouse to Amazon Redshift with LTI, can significantly lower the migration time and costs without compromising on the highest levels of quality.

Why Redshift:

So, why should you migrate your data storage to Redshift data warehouse? In addition to its remarkable storage capacity, the data warehousing solution provides several significant benefits that make it fascinating and an ideal choice for business intelligence.

Benefits of Redshift:

Choosing the right solution to warehouse your data is just as important as how you collect data for business intelligence. Without the right solution, costs will be on the higher side and the time to market will be affected. To extract the maximum value from your data, it needs to be accessible, well-sorted, and easy to manipulate and store. Amazon’s Redshift data warehouse tools offer such a blend of features.

  • Significant query speed upgrades:
    Redshift’s massively parallel processing helps in reducing the lag especially when reaching petabytes of magnitude, and delivers a seamless experience.
  • Enhanced security:
    Choice of various Virtual Private Cloud options for network isolation, data encryption and access control handling.
  • Fast scaling:
    Redshift is a flexible architecture that can scale in seconds to meet changing storage demands.
  • Reduced costs:
    Migrating to a cloud data warehouse allows you to cut recurring infrastructure hardware and maintenance costs.

Partnership Impact:

Organizations rely on cloud storage, data warehousing and compute-to-operate with agility and higher efficiency. LTI has partnered with Amazon Redshift to help our clients modernize their data infrastructure to a fully cloud-driven data system for higher stability, efficacy, and performance. LTI understood the problems and hesitations of potential customers desiring to move to cloud and the customers who are already on cloud. LTI has built data platforms and solutions to guide our clients throughout their cloud journey. The solutions intend to accelerate the journey to cloud and optimize the cost and performance of the cloud stores too.

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    Some of the benefits that we have made possible for our customers:

    Improvement in performance

    Monthly infra cost savings

    efforts saved by accelerating the migration process

    Faster time to insights

    Technology Solutions



    Glide is an Integrated solution for managing the operational and financial aspects of a Redshift cluster and the underlying data, thereby enabling the teams to understand, control and optimize the expenditure. It can manage Redshift settings proactively and send alerts on events in a single platform, enabling better cost and performance control mechanism. It features ML and predictive analytics on sizing using historical data on usage of the clusters.



    Scarlet features to migrate data from on premise to AWS cloud. It has ability to migrate the data, schemas, and underline scripts to create combination of Data Warehouse and Data Mart. It provides features to consume data using outsourced tools and querying data from Data Warehouse, Data Mart, and Redshift Spectrum.