LTI is a premium AWS Consulting partner in the IoT space. We leverage AWS IoT ecosystem to design and deliver cutting-edge IoT solutions for smart manufacturing and connected products. Our solutions have helped OEMs and process industry owners increase operational efficiency, enhance productivity, and improve worker safety.

LTI Palette – Solutions powered by AWS

Gamut of solutions powered by AWS to democratize and analyze data for actionable insights.

Worker Safety

Computer Vision-Driven & Video Analytics Solution
Building a virtual safety net for workers by detecting compliance breach in real-time and raising alerts for timely interventions. The solution facilitates better planning, decision-making and risk evaluation.

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Quality Inspection

Edge-based video analytics solution with distributed AI to analyze quality on-the-go. Immediate feedback for recalibration and root- cause analysis facilitating faster response time for corrective action.

Connected Products

Cyber Physical Convergence
Create virtual assets with 360-degree view by leveraging technologies such as IoT, big data analytics, machine learning, coupled with cognitive analytics and simulations techniques. Power up your asset performance, enhance customer experience and reimagine service models.

Opera Water

IoT-powered intelligent platform for realizing operational excellence for water utilities. It enables real-time monitoring of assets across the water utility infrastructure landscape and integrates all the data silos spread across the supply and distribution network.

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Smart Energy

Real-time energy monitoring to provide consumption insights and forecast demand. A unified view of the plant’s performance helps stakeholders make data-driven decisions for optimizing energy levels.

Digital Command Center

“Smart Factory in a box” solution with real-time persona-based KPI dashboards and a library of plug-and-play solutions for efficiency and yield improvement.

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Technology Accelerators

Proven solution accelerators for accelerating the pace of IoT adoption and early value realization.

A sophisticated framework to combine the physical and digital world to create product and process digital twins, coupled with analytics, machine learning and AR/VR technologies. Built for multiple use cases across diverse industries.
One-touch onboarding, configuration, and remote management of IoT devices on cloud. Real-time monitoring of device health and connectivity status.
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Converging IT-OT for new- age smart factory, and cloud-based solution driven by edge computing serving as “Business Insights Platform”. A single unified real-time view for all plant activities to enhance production efficiency.
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100% quality conformity & defect detection edge-based CV modules to identify defects on finalized products for global automotive manufacturer.

98% reduction in downtime, real-time monitoring of pump stations and predictive maintenance schedule for major construction company.

Cost saving of 180K per annum per site, with complete autonomous site monitoring powered by machine learning institutive toolset for US-based energy company.

Case Studies

Smart Utilities Management for Opera Water (L&T Construction)

OPERA is an LTI Framework to deliver O&M for industries, aimed at improving efficiency & productivity of distributed assets.

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AWS based Worker Safety Solution for L&T Water

Largest Engineering & Construction Company in India Real-time monitoring and analytics for a single source of truth and insights to enable predictive maintenance.

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