Amazon EMR is used to analyze vast data sets. It works on the setup and the management of the ecosystem of Hadoop and MapReduce parts. Amazon EMR does the computational analysis with the assistance of the MapReduce Framework.

The framework breaks the source information into more corrigible fragments, which disperse it to the hubs that make the ecosystem. Creating or migrating your data using Amazon services along with LTI, can significantly lower the migration time and costs without compromising on the highest levels of quality.

Why Amazon EMR

Modern problems need modern perspective of tools or solutions. Today, organizations are attempting to comprehend their clients’ behavior and try to detect patterns and variations at the earliest opportunity to remain ahead of their opposition.

In most of the current business landscape, organizations are in a possession of thousands of terabytes and petabytes of data that are waiting to be processed into meaningful insights. In addition to its incredible processing capacity, the EMR provides several significant benefits that make it the ideal choice for analysis.

Benefits of EMR

AWS EMR supports the whole technology stack, which is inclusive of Apache Spark, HBase, Hive, Flink Presto, Ganglia, Pig, MXNet and Sqoop. It significantly improves the setup of clusters as this bundle of packages is automatically installed during the cluster creation. Along with these, Amazon’s EMR demonstrates several other benefits that include:

Reduced efforts

EMR automatically takes care of node provision, its infrastructural setup, Hadoop configuration, or cluster tuning.

Optimal & transparent costs

Pricing of EMR is entirely predictable and straightforward: Users need to pay-per-instance rate for every second used.

Auto scaling

Provides thousands of compute resources to process the source data of any scale.

Reliable security

Amazon EMR includes security features that allow only necessary network traffic to the instances using EC2 firewalls.

Partnership Impact

LTI has exhibited expertise and excellence in delivering AWS EMR services and assisted many customers with the EMR data systems. LTI has developed many tools & accelerators for cloud migration that leverage EMR service for data transformation. LTI has implemented automation through scheduling for data processing as it arrives. Distributed data processing is performed using EMR clusters whose node sizes are determined dynamically based on the volume to be processed, resulting in a faster data processing and a smaller lag with the live system.

Tools & Solutions

A customizable program based on Spark to process data from the raw layer to curated layer.
An ETL tool based on dynamically configured spark & spark parallelism in collaboration with EMR.
Canvas Scarlet is a comprehensive set of tools for accelerating the journey to AWS. It features database objects migration, data migration, data transformation and data reconciliation. A governance tool for managing RedShift activities such as Users & Groups, Database 360, Data Sharing, Work-Load Management.

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