AWS Database Migration Service (AWS DMS) is a managed ETL service that assists with relocating your databases to AWS. The advantage of using DMS is that, during migration, the source database can remain completely operational, and that it supports one-time migration and replication.

AWS DMS can migrate your data to and from the most popularly used commercial and open-source databases. AWS DMS supports both homogenous and heterogenous migrations.

Why Amazon DMS

AWS Database Migration Service is independent and does not require any supporting application or drivers to run and requires minimum to no changes to the source database in most cases. The tool is very simple – a user can kickstart a database migration with a well-defined set of information using either AWS Management Console or APIs.

During the migration, DMS automatically manages all the complexities and replicates changes that happen in the source database during migration. All changes to the source database that happen during the migration are continuously replicated to the target database, permitting the source database to be functional during the movement.

Features of DMS

Along with these, Amazon’s DMS demonstrates several other benefits, that include:

Support for various databases

AWS DMS is compatible with most of the widely used databases and can migrate data between all the compatible databases.

Low cost

Users only pay for the compute resources used during the migration process and any additional log storage.

Fast and easy setup

A migration task can be set up within a few minutes in the AWS Management Console.


DMS is a highly resilient and self-healing service and will automatically restart in case of an interruption occurs.

Partnership Impact

LTI has exhibited expertise and excellence in delivering AWS DMS services and assisted numerous customers with relocating from on-premise data systems to cloud using DMS. LTI has developed many tools & accelerators for cloud migration in collaboration with various AWS services including DMS, which will accelerate the user journey to cloud.


Canvas Scarlet is a comprehensive set of tools that accelerates the journey to AWS. It features lift-and-shift data from on-premise to AWS cloud. It has the ability to migrate the schemas, data and objects contained in the Database. It also facilitates an automated method of reconciliating the migrated data between source and target.

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