With increased cloud adoption, organizations are leveraging data as an asset to drive innovation and create business value, thereby building a data economy to capture transformation opportunities through platform modernization and data-on-cloud.

LTI facilitates global enterprises to build a data-driven decision ecosystem for business context and intelligence, to achieve quantum leaps in business transformation.

AWS and LTI – What sets us apart?

LTI recognized the potential of AWS technology ecosystem much in advance – we adopted an innovation centred, automation-first approach to deliver AWS services to drive the tech-powered growth – @pace, @scale. Coupled with

our amplified services approach, using LTI AWS tools, utilities and framework and our ‘Data to Decisions’ Mosaic platforms on AWS, helps us unlock the limitless potential of data more than ever before for global enterprises.

Our Offerings

Data on cloud

Obtain the performance, flexibility, and near-infinite scalability to easily load, integrate, analyze, and securely share your data with LTI’s data on cloud services.

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Securely build, re-architect and re-platform applications on AWS. With the right strategy to modernize, containerize and transform legacy applications, as well as existing workloads.

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Realize the true potential value of data by solving new-age complex business problems using AI/ML on AWS, by trimming the prediction and prescription process and contextualizing insights.

Technology Solutions

A comprehensive set of tools that accelerates your journey to AWS. It features to lift & shift on-premise data to AWS with an automated method of Data Validation
A user-friendly tool for managing Amazon Redshift database. The solution helps users understand, control, and optimize the expenditure and performance of Redshift.
A driverless multi-domain MDM tool that integrates master data from multiple sources and automates creation of records. Capabilities include cleansing, validating and applying survival checks to group data via configurable, fuzzy matching and threshold setting techniques.
A self-service, unified data-engineering platform that harnesses valuable data to generate actionable insights to enhance decision-making capabilities for amplified outcomes. The tool is equipped with data ingestion and processing abilities that integrate with enterprise’s storage, governance and security on hybrid scalable infrastructure.
Cut the chase to informed decision making with AI-powered investigative search, advanced analysis and autonomous insights, all delivered via self-serve mode.
Build, train, deploy, and manage an intuitive and simplified AI/ML portfolio at enterprise scale for a seamless, personalized “build-to-run” transition.
Accelerate enterprise cloud journey by harnessing valuable data for actionable insights from your hyper-distributed data at speed and at scale.
Mine content and knowledge from documents and images for improved decisions and process automation.
Build a cognitive discovery solution for the enterprise with an intuitive and contextual interface for a personalized experience.