Microsoft windows is undoubtedly the most popular OS platformbeing used across enterprises. Likewise, AWS is considered one of the largest resellers of windows licenses for OS & SQL servers. As a result,numerous Microsoft workloads are run on AWS due to its profound and comprehensive capabilities.

LTI has a remarkable experience in executing varied AWS-based windows projects including migration, greenfield deployments and DR.LTI with its illustrated expertise, enables enterprises to lift-and-shift, refactor, or modernize windows workloads effectively with ease

LTI offers unified integration with existing Amazon EC2 to deliver secure, reliable, and performance-driven environments while deploying windows-based applications and workloads, encouraging design, architect, and implement Amazon EC2 for Microsoft windows servers.

Our dedicated team of experts are proficient in automating management solutions for windows workloads that run on windows server,while aligning with business requirements and objectives.

Microsoft solutions on EC2

LTI has significant competency and experience with Microsoft applications in AWS and leverage Microsoft solutions on EC2 forsecure and reliable identity management and application migration capacity.

LTI specialized windows mastery include deploying .NET applications, installing and configuring IIS servers and migrating SQL database servers, as well as SharePointon to AWS.


Windows Server

LTI facilitates easy management of Microsoft windows servers through coherent integration with pre-defined AWS EC2 features across multiple availability zones enabling high speed, secure and optimized deployment of windows-based workloads provisioning a cost-effective, fully-automated, consumption-based auto-scaling environment.


LTI are the most experienced leaders offering Microsoft SQL servers on Amazon EC2 that enables commissioning of multiple server instances concurrently, reduces downtime, allows server scaling and faster deployments. LTI extensively builds and runs windows workloads on cloud with secured, highly reliable migration support that acceleratesbusiness performance and growth.


LTI capacities offera fully-managed container orchestration service for windows servers using Amazon ECS container agents. LTI ensures high-scalability and efficiency in the running of distributed applications on a managed cluster of Amazon EC2 instances.

Technology Solutions

LTI offers EC2 for Microsoft windows-as-a-web service that provides secure and resizable compute capacity (virtual servers) in the cloud. It is designed to make web-scale cloud computing effortless for developers.
LTI provides fully-committed physical servers with EC2 instance capacity thatallows use of existing per-socket, per-core or per-VM software licenses of windows or Microsoft SQL server. LTI enables license costs reduction by leveraging existing investments and addresses corporate compliance needs.
LTI provisions secure and resizable compute capacity (virtual servers) via EC2 for Microsoft SQL serversthat help optimize infrastructure, fine tune performance and enable uninterrupted deployments and migration on cloud.
LTI facilitates easy deployment, running and scaling of applications operating through a highly secure and reliable ECScontainer management services. For effective autonomous container operations and reduced compute costs, LTI ensures tightintegration with AWS platform.
LTI facilitates easy storage, management, secured sharing, downloading and deployment of windows container images using AWS ECR. It enhances accessibility and simplifies workflows without the need to operate and scale the required infrastructure.
LTI services offer the flexibility to initiate, run and scale Kubernetes applications to standardize operations across environments. LTI provisions for highly available, scalable and secure clusters, whileenabling patching, node provisioning and updates automation.
LTI proffers automation of end-to-end patching process for windows instances via AWS Systems Manager. It monitors performance, scans missing patches, notifies security concerns andenables centralized log management to derive logging analytics

Introducing LTI’s Infinity Platform

LTI’s Infinity platform is an all-inclusive suite of contemporary engineering tools, processes and culture that helps clients accelerate their cloud adoption and transformation journeys. Infinity platform brings together several key constructs across the cloud life cycle to deliver amplified outcomes. It delivers industry-leading capabilities for application telemetry, intelligent monitoring, automated resolution, predictive problem management and real time dashboards.

Business impact

Speed to value Reduce time to value by 50%

Lower TCO Reduces TCO by 50%

10x Business value increment

Key Tools and Accelerators


A platform that analyzes and outlines a 360-degree application view for cloud migration. It minimizes decision-making risks, builds IT agility and lowers IT investment costs and TCO.

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A comprehensive application portfolio analysis and recommendation platform for cloud-native transformation that addresses the white space of automated application assessment, reporting and decision support for PaaS. The tool also looks after cloud-native enablement of the on-premise application portfolio.

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CloudEnsure is an autonomous cloud governance platform built to manage compliance, well-architected best practices, and cost optimization in multi-cloud environments – available both in SaaS & enterprise (hosted) versions.

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LTI Canvas DevOps

Self-service DevSecOps platform for automated enablement and persona-based governance. It is an exhaustive suite that enables continuous assessment, end-to-end secured tool integration, CI/CD automation and value stream management for deep insights into project and portfolio.

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Cloud Brokerage Platform

A swift, on-demand self-service portal that manages business services across multi-cloud environments facilitating IT monitoring from a single pane of glass.

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