Machine learning can extensively elevate the value a business creates while building a sustainable competitive advantage. Machine learning helps organizations to deliver breakthrough business outcomes by boosting innovations across functions.

Each day, our team of engineers and data scientists leverage industry-leading AWS ML services to enable our clients to improve the effectiveness of their business and technology operations and bring value to their customers.

Industry Solutions

LTI offers proficient, enterprise-grade machine learning solutions to achieve faster, efficient and quantifiable results. Our machine learning framework leverages AWS serverless services such as Amazon Sage Maker, Amazon Comprehend, Amazon Rekognition, Amazon

Textract, Athena, RedShift, AWS Glue, Amazon EMR, DynamoDB and AWS Lambda for organizations to comprehend their entire set of processed, accumulated and analyzed data, both structured and unstructured, across industries.

Our Offerings

Banking and Financials

Unique banking and financials offerings deliver massive business value through personalized, digitized innovative services that enhance user engagement, curb fraudulent activities, magnify profitability and enable efficient intelligent information discovery.

Media and Entertainment

Generate new business insights, enable high-quality content creation and distribution, significantly reduce operational costs and offer exceptional user experiences.


Advanced data analytics in IoT, smart manufacturing & maintenance, vision-based intrusion detection systems to strengthen safety and security, and automated digital services to augment business productivity.

Healthcare and Pharma

AI-based, scalable unified data platform offering integrated reliable, efficient and automated solutions to build advanced data engineering and analytics capabilities for personalized recommendations for patient treatment and infrastructure support services.


Suite of smart, flexible and cost-effective solutions for the utilities sector that facilitates creation of new business insights, optimization of operations, improved business productivity, profitability and greater customer engagement.

Consumer Goods

Cognitive offerings that help streamline processes accelerate time-to-market, enhance product lifecycle and experiences, enable data depersonalization, produce forecast-demand metrics to meet customer needs and optimize inventory management.

Technology Solutions

LTI Mosaic AI is as unique product suite, that offers simplified design, deployment and management of enterprise AI/ML solutions. It congregates the best AI frameworks and templates providing seamless and personalized “Build-to-Run” platform for their AI workflows.
LTI Mosaic Agnitio is an intelligent document processing platform, which offers completely no-code approach and believes in giving the power of AI in the hands of business users.
LTI’s AI-powered investigative intelligence platform that empowers business user to do free-from insights exploration in a simple Q&A format, providing contextual and trustworthy insights with simplified narratives for complex analyses.