Present times demand enterprises to operate and scale at a revolutionary pace. This means driving innovation, as well as harnessing the power of cloud to create a robust foundation for end-to-end digital transformation. However, most of these enterprises, still possess old, monolithic, and expensive mainframe and AS/400 workloads to support their legacy systems, which hinder an enterprise’s dream of becoming a digitally-driven organization.

Over the years, LTI has gained vast amount of experience in legacy applications and hardware, helping large enterprise customers setup and manage the score of such systems. As part of our engagements in the last decade, we built best-in-class solutions, frameworks, and tools to help our customers expedite their journey exiting these legacy systems. Additionally, with our deep domain and business expertise, compounded with technology insights, we help our clients and customers determine the right migration strategy, operating model, roadmap, and integrate with the right partners ecosystem, to exit legacy landscape to AWS.

LTI leverages its legacy migration & modernization approach to scale, accelerate and standardize mainframe and AS/400 workload migration, as well as application transformation undertakings through a predefined, repeatable, and iterative process. Our comprehensive migration approach brings together industrialized capabilities with exclusive pre-configured industry-specific tools, methodologies, and automation processes across all legacy transformation projects on AWS.

Our Offerings

LTI works closely with enterprises, offering a full spectrum of legacy transformation on AWS services to determine the correct migration strategy, architecture, and partner ecosystem, in order to build optimized solutions and gain maximum benefits of cloud computing.

Mainframe Migration Consulting and Strategy

LTI provides a set of innovative tools and frameworks, powered by an agile and collaborative approach help define a robust cloud roadmap.

LTI’s Migration Readiness Assessment & Planning (MRAP)

framework comprises of effective tool-led assessment of the applications and platforms, helps enterprises determine the right strategy for AWS adoption and create a robust business case for legacy transformation on AWS. It helps with a tool-based, thorough audit of the applications, databases, utilities and dependencies, network, and security to build a cloud strategy that best fits an organization’s goals.

Mainframe Migration

Having worked with Enterprises at scale, we have created a re-usable, runbook-based migration approach with standardized processes & frameworks, to enable rapid deployment across global delivery networks, leveraging our strong partner ecosystem, to help customers adopt the right tools to transform their legacy landscape on AWS.

Cloud Assurance

LTI’s security team evaluates and identifies vulnerabilities on the cloud setup and helps fix issues. After the User Acceptance Testing, LTI architects set up a 48-hour war room strategy that migrates, monitors and signs-off production migration.

Managed Cloud Services

LTI’s 24*7*365 comprehensive managed services provide a seamless, integrated experience of all cloud services running optimally and effortlessly. Our ISO 27001-certified managed services team can start supporting critical issues with a two-week overlap and ensure cloud application management with a 99.99% service SLA and 99.95% uptime SLA.

LTI’s legacy Migration Approach

LTI's legacy Migration Approach

LTI's legacy Migration Approach

Business impact

Speed-to-value – Reduction in
time-to-value by 15-20%

Scalable and flexible applications

Reduction in TCO by

Technology Solutions

With Infinity, LTI helps its customers track and manage the complete migration lifecycle, right from the assessment to planning and migration phase, tracking the cloud spend and migration timelines, to integrating with monitoring solutions for post migration operational support.
A platform that analyzes and outlines a 360-degree application view for cloud migration. It minimizes decision-making risks, builds IT agility, and lowers IT investment costs and TCO.
CloudEnsure is an autonomous cloud governance platform built to manage compliance, well-architected best practices, and cost optimization in multi-cloud environments – available both in SaaS & enterprise (hosted) versions.
Self-service DevSecOps platform for automated enablement and persona-based governance. It is an exhaustive suite that enables continuous assessment, end-to-end secured tool integration, CI/CD automation and value stream management for deep insights into project and portfolio.


Microfocus and Tmaxsoft

provides emulator-based rehosting services, where it migrates IT application to cloud without business disruption. The overall solution & approach is timely and cost-effective.

Modern System and Astadia Anubex

help in auto code conversion and cloud migration. Both tools support large varieties of mainframe languages and databases. These tools also ensure high amount of readability and maintainability of converted code.

Averisource iSAT

helps to re-engineer mainframe and AS/400 applications by automatically extracting business rules. It guarantees 100% rule coverage and extracts deep information out of application.


supports AS/400 modernization and cloud migration. It has auto code conversion, database migration, rule extraction and application analysis tools & services.