LTI’s Cloud Managed Hosting Services for AspenTech Applications

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LTI’s Managed Hosting Services (MHS) for AspenTech applications help overcome the critical limitations of self-hosted solutions.

In refineries and integrated petrochemical companies, planners and traders can run hundreds of PIMS simulations within minutes without investing in and maintaining complex and expensive compute infrastructure.

Technical departments get anytime-anywhere access to the latest process engineering and simulation software to provide optimal operating parameters for operations departments, which maximizes the margins. Projects and engineering departments can get faster access to the latest engineering software, share information easily, and collaborate securely.

LTI’s MHS for AspenTech applications provides refineries, chemical plants, and engineering and design firms with simplified, secure, and reliable anytime-anywhere access to the latest suite of applications. This process helps in reducing the cost, complexity, and overheads of hosting and operating them.

Benefits of LTI’s MHS for Applications:

  • Deliver AspenTech Manufacturing Supply Chain & Engineering Suite of applications on the cloud as fully Managed Hosted Services (MHS) or on the client’s cloud tenant
  • Access to one-click anytime, anywhere, any device (supporting HTML5 browser) as long as internet connectivity is available
  • Ability to scale up, in terms of number of users and/ or compute power of the hardware, in a matter of a few hours
  • Faster access to the latest versions of AspenTech software
  • Ability to support multiple versions of the same software for an organization
  • The capability of sharing sessions with co-workers for project work or training
  • Complete peace of mind in terms of managing the cloud environment or various applications versions and users

Reduced TCO as clients do not have to worry about managing and maintaining IT infrastructure, security personnel, and application performance/ upgrades

Transparent “pay only for what you use” model for the underlying cloud infrastructure supported by LTI FinOps tools to minimize cloud costs

  • Integration with other ecosystem applications for enhanced automation and value realization
  • Model building and validation services
  • Application version upgrade and testing
  • AI/ ML-enabled advanced analytics capabilities to support value chain optimization and digitize operations
  • User training & certifications

AspenONE® Products Supported Through MHS

Aspen Manufacturing Supply Chain

Aspen PIMS-AO™

Aspen Multi-Blend Optimizer™

Aspen Petroleum Scheduler™

Aspen Engineering Suite

Aspen HYSYS®

Aspen Plus®

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LTI Cloud Managed Hosted Service (MHS) structure


Bring Your Own License (BYOL) model

Bring your existing models to the cloud for real-time collaboration

Integration with on-premise Active Directory and other applications

Multiple levels of security and user authentication

Seamless user experience in terms of fast/ easy access, upload/ download of files, copy /paste, and printer integration between cloud and local device

Personal cloud storage for individual users and shared organization storage for collaborative work

Launchpad In web browser: published apps

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Share session with colleague, customer or for support & training

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Reponsive as desktop, flexible power

Fast & Easy upload/download files + cloud storage integration

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Full desktop integration copy/paste, print

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