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Real-time Analytics Platform for Efficiency and Faster Time-to-Market

In the Pharmaceutical industry, predictions for a digital future include shifting ecosystems, evolving platforms and new advanced technologies driving smarter R&D decisions across traditional boundaries.

LTI partners with you to help you in:

  • Supply chain optimizing – Analytics to improve operational efficiency of supply chain in real-time.
  • QA/QC – Near real-time Drug quality checks across Production batches, Quality Management System Metrics, Investigations and Injectables, etc.
  • Integrated outlook – 360o view of entity / consumer / product / distribution channel.
  • DSO – Improved cash flows & AR with Day Sales Outstanding reduction & Operations management

LTI partners with you to fast-track your digital transformation journey, by leveraging our accelerated analytics-driven insights.

Why choose LTI for your Analytics track?

Automated alerts to Global Quality group,

when quality thresholds are breached

Enhanced Drug Quality

with fewer rejections

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