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Enabling a Virtual Desktop Environment for Alliance Data Systems

Alliance Data Systems is a leading global provider of data-driven marketing and loyalty solutions serving large, consumer-based industries


Managing traditional desktop infrastructure which had stability and scalability concern

Hardware desktop management was very tedious job which required skilled manpower to troubleshoot issues and there were chances of breakdown

Based on user requirement, there were number of software applications maintained in a central repository and it was hard to maintain multiple copies of multiple software

Managing and delivering hardware, operating system and application security patches was a manual effort

Improving employee collaboration and communication was also a concern

LTI Solution

  • Optimized costs by replacing traditional desktops with AWS Workspaces, deploying 160+ fully functional workspaces
  • AWS Workspaces service utilized to provide a custom bundled solution to perform day to day activities
  • Reduced manual effort through automated solution for delivering operating system and application security patches
  • Ensured end-user security by enabling multi-factor authentication for more secure workspaces
  • Integrated the active directory with Workspaces for seamless communication and running business as usual
  • Ensured business continuity by monitoring Workspaces and Cloud environment

Business Benefits Delivered

  • 85% faster application deployment
  • Managed Services implemented