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Technology Office partners with leading technology providers, innovators, research analysts and academia to help clients explore and leverage emerging technologies. These talented teams work on a wide variety of technologies to pioneer cutting-edge architecture, Proof of Concepts, IP assets and state-of-the-art solutions. Several elements make up the Technology Office including a center of excellence, innovation groups, alliance management and horizontal practices. These combine to drive innovation assets, provide solution support, manage partnerships and certifications and maintain corporate level connect to customers and analysts.​

Further, both horizontal and the vertical business lines are continuously driven by innovation and attuned to maximize efficiency. Our competencies are multiplied by fostering promising technical architects and building targeted solutions in Enterprise Integration and Business Intelligence/Data Warehousing. By leveraging our alliances with partners such as SAP, Oracle, Microsoft and IBM, we determine technology and architecture reviews relevant in emerging technology areas and services. Our technology eco-system cuts-across all business units, horizontal practices and client organizations.

The Technology Office forms the core of this system and plays a pivotal role across segments - from corporate to clients and domain to technology. Monitoring and streamlining evolving technologies and sunrise initiatives is paramount and is undertaken by our Technology Council. Our team is actively involved in various training/mentoring programs, seminars, expert interactions; and this ensures that our teams are always at the cutting-edge of technology change. The Human Resources function works closely with the Technology Office to mentor budding solution architects, and create a talent pool through structured programs. The advantages of emerging solutions, coupled with talent, are manifold.

Our clients realize these benefits by availing a gamut of services that include architecture development, technology consulting services and building prototypes, in areas like Cloud Computing, Big Data Services, Enterprise Business Collaboration, Natural User Interface, Legacy Modernization, Next Generation High Performance JAVA based frameworks and Actionable Business Intelligence.​​