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MOSAIC Automation
MOSAICTM Automation

What is Automation ?

In today’s world, everyone intuitively understands what automation is, at least in a broad sense. However, in the specific context of providing IT services & Business services, there are many debates around determining the exact contours of Automation in its new-age avatar. Such debates are inevitable because, by way of providing development and support services of software applications,the IT industry has always been an enabler for basic automation of activities which would have otherwise required a higher level of human labor. So what’s new? What’s new is the breadth and depth of impact that today’s automation technologies can provide. At L&T Infotech, we deliver “Extreme Automation” to our clients. And we have a very simple definition for Extreme Automation: “Maximize the use of software in everything that we do”. In fact, we also promote maximal usage of software in everything that our clients do.

So, is it all about the use of Robotic Process Automation, Machine Learning etc. ?

No. Automation is not all about implementing technology. At L&T Infotech, we bundle our Process Consulting services which promote practices of Lean, DevOps, etc., along with our Extreme Automation offering, since we believe that process engineering and optimization help maximize the benefits of Automation.

What should Automation strive to achieve? 

Service Cost reduction still remains the most tangible benefit of automation.But through End-to-End Process Reengineering,Application of Machine Learning, Cognitive Computing and Artificial Intelligence in automation, there is also a huge potential for Client Service Experience and Business Processes also to reap transformational benefits.

MOSAICTM Automation Framework

The MOSAICTM Automation Framework is L&T Infotech’s comprehensive framework for addressing various types of automation needs.These include end-to-end Business Process Automation, IT Process Automation as well as automation of specific tasks or activities within Business Processes and IT Service Delivery LifeCycle.

The Framework provides plug & play automation solutions which include L&T Infotech’s proprietary software and leading third-party/open source products that are brought together with a strong integration layer. This enables our clients to leverage automation opportunities while continuing to work with their existing Business Processes, IT Infrastructure and Application Platforms.

The MOSAICTM Automation Framework promotes usage of Process Engineering & Collaborative Development practices.

Higher Order Automation

The base layer of MOSAICTM generates data that can be leveraged further to deliver advanced capabilities in automation. As automation maturity improves, MOSAICTM’s advanced components enable automation of higher-order functions to discover patterns & anomalies, correlate events, and predict incidents in advance. This helps accelerates the ability for our clients' to make a shift from reactive to preventive and pre-emptive mode of operations.

Basic Automation

MOSAICTM provides ability to automate fundamental tasks such as:

  • Detect - Monitor and detect events that need attention
  • Diagnose - Determine cause, and resolution of events/incidents
  • Perform - Resolve incidents or execute routine tasks
  • Dialog - Interact with the end user
  • Assure – Ensure Quality & Regulatory compliance
Plug & Play Solutions

Business Process Solutions

Business Process Solutions are based on Robotics Automation, Cognitive OCR and Machine Learning for accelerated and accurate handling of human-intensive, repetitive business processes.

IT Operations Automation

Automation of IT Processes to detect, diagnose, correlate & predict events and perform auto-remediation of incidents with the help of Analytics, Machine Learning and Robotic technologies.The IT Operations Automation Solution provides faster diagnosis and resolution, prevents incidents and eliminates repetitive and non-value adding manual tasks involved in IT Service Delivery.

Package Services Automation

The MOSAICTMAutomation Framework for packages like SAP and Oracle provides automation solutions across phases of package lifecycle phases viz. Blueprinting, Realization, Implementation, Support and Upgrades.

DevOps Tool Chain Orchestration

The MOSAICTM Automation Framework for DevOps provides reference architecture for orchestrating the DevOps life cycle processes for automated builds, verifications & validations, continuous integration and deployments.  

Assurance Automation

L&T Infotech's MOSAICTM Automation for Assurance provides smart test design, enterprise test data & environment management, intelligent end-to-end traceability, regulatory compliance, predictive reporting and analysis.

MOSAICTM’s plug & play design allows L&T Infotech’s clients to leverage their existing investments in automation tools, providing flexibility with a mix of MOSAICTM solutions and off-the-Shelf automation toolset

Client Success

Smart IT Automation Solution enables 25% effort Reduction for Causal Analysis & Improves system stability.

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DevOps Automation Solution for major Scandinavian Bank achieves ~ 85% Reduction in Regression Test Cycle

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Leading German Semiconductor Company accomplishes 40% reduction in incidents with MOSAICTM Automation for SAP.

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Global Investment Banking & Financial Services Client achieves Reduction in Mean Time to Resolve (MTTR) by 40%

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Fortune 100 Bank achieves 50% reduction in process TAT(Turn around time).

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Automated Retrofitting, saves 50% of development efforts for a  Cement and Construction manufacturing company.

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