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Anti-Money Laundering

Due to heightened regulatory scrutiny, and continuous evolvement of Anti-Money Laundering (AML) regulations, financial institutions around the world find themselves increasingly challenged by the difficult task of balancing budgetary constraints and policy commitments.

LTI has spent more than ten years helping financial institutions around the world implement and strengthen AML compliance programs and solutions. Therefore, we understand this industry-wide need, and have developed a comprehensive set of solutions, uniquely suited to help financial institutions achieve their regulatory objectives, while keeping a tight control on the operational cost of our clients’ AML Compliance program.


L&T Infotech offers a wide range of services to help financial institutions achieve their Anti-Money Laundering Compliance objectives, timely and effectively:

  • Subject Matter Expertise
    A global team of seasoned AML policy, process, operation and solution professionals, ready to guide financial institutions in implementation of the enterprise-wide AML Compliance Program & Solution.
  • Readiness & Time-to-Market
    Trained business and technology subject matter experts, strategically located around the world, to meet clients’ AML Compliance Program & Solution needs.
  • Innovation
    We help our clients develop, implement, maintain and operate digital solutions, by identifying, assembling and orchestrating digital assets in an agile mode.
Next Generation AML Solutions
  • Elimination of repetitive manual and error-prone tasks through Robotics, driving down cost and error rate.
  • Extraction and collection of useful customer insights from news and social media through Natural Language Processing and Machine Learning.
  • Historical data-based cognitive models to predict future customer behaviors, and calculate customer risk scores.
  • Application of learning algorithms to predict the AML case investigation outcome.
  • Use of learning algorithms to detect false positives from name screening.
  • Application of Machine ​Learning to optimize AML detection rule thresholds.


LTI’s Anti-money Laundering solutions can help you protect your business better

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