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​L&T Infotech's dedicated SAP CoE (Center of Excellence) is our innovation vehicle for developing transformational solutions that enable our clients to reap full benefits of their SAP investments. It focuses on designing and developing various tools, accelerators and methodologies that help us achieve delivery excellence. The CoE develops industry-specific solution accelerators and tools to realize clients business and IT goals in a shorter span of time, while simultaneously enriching the SAP system capabilities. Our dedicated SAP Centers of Excellence (CoE) provide: 

  • R​apid technology selection and alignment with business
  • Best-fit solution offerings based on identified pain areas
  • A vehicle for continuous process improvement
  • Avoid a​n expensive mistake by leveraging learnings
  • De-risking through concept proofing 
  • Quick response to critical technical issues 
  • Snapshot of some key tools as given below:

    Tool​​​ Features Benefits




    • Catalogs business processes in short time for accelerated Knowledge Transition
    • Compares the configuration across 2 systems and catalogs the differences
    • Accelerated KT by extracting catalog of business processes in short time-functionality analysis
    • Identifies opportunities for re-engineering & obsolete business processes




    • Build custom repository with usage analysis
    • Upgrade assessment that helps in estimating the effort involved and effective project planning
    • Accelerated KT by extracting information of custom objects repository with usage analysis during KT
    • Quantitative/qualitative analysis of objects



    • Ensures ABAP objects adhere to defined standards, thereby enabling reduction in software  development & maintenance costs, as well time in code inspections
    • Identification of Naming Convention violations and suggesting recommendations to rectify them
    • Identification of performance issues
    • Enhances process of review of the deliverable's quality​​
    ​ ​


    • Tool to manage data load activities during cut over phase
    • Allows configuration of process hierarchy  for managing data load activity per need
    • Allows instant configuration of  data template for managing data load activity as per business need
    • Provides tangible benefits in terms of effort reduction, data load accuracy & better cutover



    • EzTA enables organizations to efficiently and effectively manage trend analysis process and leads to continuous process improvements 
    • Provides scientific approach to incident trend analysis and efficient problem management
    • Facilitates well-defined and quick trend analysis
    • Quantification of impact and benefits due to quality trend analysis data



    • PIS Tool enables  organizations to better manage  their process improvement suggestion lifecycle


    • Brings transparency in suggestion tracking
    • Improves efficiency by eliminating manual approach of tracking
    • Online up-to-date analytical reporting enhances on-time decision-making


    • Analyzes most of the functionalities and provides user friendly output
    • In-built dynamic selection screen ensures only required fields prompted for selection
    • 70-80% reduction in time for Incident Analysis & Diagnosis


    • Automation of user and role administration for faster quality delivery at lower cost
    • Improves response time and ensures productivity
    • Reduces efforts/time for mass user and role admin.
    • Eliminates defects by automating monotonous routine activities


    • Automating monitoring and reporting of vital system transactions
    • Monitoring done by background jobs and reports sent to the concerned entity by e-mail
    • Easy-to-use, for generating report by executing only a single T-code for entire system monitoring
    • Reduced manual intervention by automating the Monitoring Report and E-mail send process


    • Plant Equipment & Industrial Machinery
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