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Energy Industry Trends

Energy Industry has faced a severe price decline in the last one year and Oil companies are trying to adjust their business models by Capital & Spend Effectiveness, Operational Integrity and Efficient Asset Maintenance. In such a scenario, leading Oil & Gas companies can take advantage of SAP solutions to ensure safe, reliable and affordable operations.

L&T Infotech has strong domain experience of working with 60+ Refineries and Fuel Terminals globally. Our deep industry expertise and innovative SAP solutions can help Energy Industry clients in optimizing spend on Capex, improved profits, operational integrity, and performance.

Our Point of View
Trends Impact Lever
  • Low oil prices driving focus on operating best practices and efficiencies
  • Optimizing the spend on Capex and moving to Opex
  • Process Automation and leveraging Next Generation Technologies
  • Continued regulatory, compliance, and security challenges
  • Huge investments in compliance management solutions
  • Fuel Compliance Management Processes mapped to Analytical and Mobile Solutions
  • Hydrocarbons remain key with re-orientation of global supply chain
  • Improved profits, operational integrity, and performance
  • Supply Chain-focused Solutions – Digital Inside Digital Outside
Challenges and Offerings

Operational Integrity

  • Pre-configured Solution – Fuel Compliance Management System (FCMS)

Complex Hydrocarbon Supply Chain

  • Oil Movement Solution
  • Contractor Cost Management Solution

Capital and Spend Effectiveness

  • Capital Project Delivery Solution Framework
  • Spend Analytics

Heavy Asset Maintenance

  • Asset Management Workbench

FCMS (Fuel Compliance Management Solution)

  • Fuel Compliance Management Solution (FCMS) with efficient RIN Trading
  • Reduction in Cost through increased reliability
  • Operational Excellence & Corporate Sustainability
  • Reduced Compliance Reporting risks
  • "Single System of Record” for Compliance Data Management

HANA-based Retail Station Analytics

  • Detail level insight into sales data and correlation between Fuel prices and Consumer-store sales
  • Modeling approach facilitating good performance to analyze billions of records on-the-fly
  • Real-time Credit Card Transaction Analytics
  • Performance Boost from hundreds of seconds to mere few seconds