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Oracle Services
Mobility Cloud

Embrace Availability and Agility with Mobile and Wearable Solutions

L&T Infotech offers full service Cloud Mobility solutions, including Cloud Platforms, Application Development and Mobile Analytics. Our solutions comprise technological advancements, which embroil business drivers with smart devices like PDAs and Smartphones, making undaunted connectivity a realized possibility. The ‘Anytime’ availability of data and analytics is enabled, thus improving the maneuverability and sense of control.

Key highlights of Mobile Cloud Solution are:

  • Offline Data Recording for Remote Areas
  • Economized Operating and Inventory Costs
  • Standardized Mobile Applications with rich UX
  • Real-time Dashboards and Tracking Systems
  • Smartphone-enabled IoT Solutions
  • Mobile-enabled Analytics


L&T Infotech’s Oracle Mobile Cloud-based Service Deionization Management is a mobile application for customers and service agencies for easy data access and improved operational efficiencies, thus improving transparency.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle Mobile Cloud enables Fleet Managers to create ‘One Click’ Service Request to the back end ERP system via Mobile dashboard, and real-time shipment tracking with e-Proof of Delivery.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle Mobile Cloud Fleet Management Application captures vehicle diagnostic parameters & driver behavior, and empowers real-time monitoring for fleet managers and drivers.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle Mobile Cloud-enabled solution, with real-time monitoring of assets at different locations, and analysis of various equipment health parameters, also benefits executives to make better investment decisions.

Our Expertise
  • Client-centric Mobile Application Development.
  • Delivering rich User Experience, while encompassing Business Objectives.
  • Rapid Proof-of-Concept Delivery, reducing Time-to-Market and hedging Risks.
  • Integrated Analytics.