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Oracle Services
Internet of Things (IoT)

Envision your Digital Endeavors with L&T Infotech’s Oracle IoT & PaaS Solutions

At L&T Infotech, our niche expertise in Manufacturing, Utility and Engineering has helped us foray into the IoT space, enabling us to forge end-to-end solutions. These solutions help ensure that our clients gain value through their business processes, thus accentuating growth.

Our solutions are developed using smart devices, which help businesses evolve into pre-emptive, autonomic organizations. Such organizations envisage and eliminate critical issues, thus evolving operations and gratifying customer expectations, subsequently increasing the bottom line.

Key Highlights of Oracle Digital (IoT) Solution are:

  • Asset Lease / Rent / Buy Decisions.
  • Asset Utilization Optimization
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Operations Scheduling
  • Building Best Practices Set
  • Reducing Time-to-Value
  • Integration with Traditional ERP Systems
  • Client Process-specific Low Investment Solutions
  • Faster Time-to-Market with Ready-to-Deploy Solutions
  • Creation of an Interconnected Value Chain
  • Enabling Intelligent Flow of Information to Transform & Optimize
  • Remote Monitoring and Maintenance


L&T Infotech’s IoT-based Service Deionization Management is an end-to-end solution, connecting scattered filters, customers, manufacturers and technicians, to provide preventive purification solutions with optimized inventory and lower operation costs.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle IoT-based Visual Cargo & EPod Solution is an innovative & next generation solution to govern cargo & fleet safety, and achieve enriched customer experience.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle IoT-based Fleet Management Solution is an end-to-end IoT solution to capture vehicle diagnostic parameters, driver behavior, and real-time monitoring for fleet managers & drivers.

L&T Infotech’s Oracle IoT-based Heavy Asset Management Solution addresses the pain areas of Heavy Equipment Management companies, with real-time monitoring of assets at different locations, and analysis of numerous equipment health parameters.

Our Expertise
  • Understanding our clients’ business problems and enabling resolution through IoT solutions.
  • Enabling smarter decision-making by leveraging real-time analytics for executive decisions.
  • Deep-seated functional expertise in Manufacturing, Utilities, Oil & Gas, Transportation industries, helps us design disruptive solutions.
  • Rapid prototyping of ideas, making it easier for users to reach a common vision faster, thus saving time and money in development.