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Industrial Manufacturing

Bringing Innovation to Industrial Manufacturing

Dependency on IT has been growing by the day for the manufacturing industry. IT can play a pivotal role in improving the overall operational efficiency, by reducing costs through automation of various factory operations across the manufacturing landscape.

L&T Infotech has a mature Oracle Practice, with rich experience in deploying and maintaining the best-of-breed solutions on the Oracle suite of packages for our Manufacturing clients. We understand that every client is unique and so are their requirements, and have developed solutions to address the common challenges faced by the Manufacturing industry.


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Our Point of View
Trends Impact Lever
  • "Next-Shoring" - Increase the speed at which product is replenished on store shelves
  • Improve Collaboration and Communication with Supply and Demand Chain
  • Digitization of Supply Chain
  • Continuous Automation and Product Innovation
  • Smart Products - Higher Investment and Brief Product Lifecycles
  • Advanced Analytics - Pattern Detection and Predictive Analysis
  • Rise of Smart Factories - Flexible to appease the needs of consumers
  • Deliver products on-demand and reduce downtime
  • Voice of Factory - An end-to-end solution that acquires and consolidates the Manufacturing Process
Challenges and Offerings

Brief Product Lifecycles

  • Optimize Inventory - Real-time Track
  • Real-time Analytics - Pattern Detection and Predictive Analysis
  • Enabling better Inventory Planning and Pricing Decisions

Intricate Supply Chain

  • Digitization of Supply Chain
  • Bundling Plan - Optimum Container Utilization
  • Automatic Stock Reconciliation

Tighter Margins

  • Optimizing Cutting Plan - Increase Efficiency & Reduce Wastage
  • Yield Measurement & Monitoring
  • Fabrication Steel Optimization
  • Actual Cost Analysis
Transformation Delivered

Voice of Factory

  • An end-to-end solution, which can acquire and consolidate manufacturing process and product quality data residing in multiple systems (MES, Quality / LIMS, Equipment) within and outside the enterprise. It contextualizes this with the relevant ERP data to enable data analysts with production supervision, process and quality engineering, to achieve multiple objectives.
  • The solution is useful for Planned & Preventive Maintenance Planning, Shift Planning, Resource Allocation, Historical Analysis of Machine Behavior, Shot-down Planning and Scheduling, Production Planning, Inventory Planning and Spares Management. It is also useful for all Root Cause Analysis of shop-floor activities.

Heavy Asset Management

  • L&T Infotech's Oracle IoT-based Heavy Asset Management Solution addresses the pain areas of Heavy Equipment Management companies, with real-time monitoring of assets at different locations, and analysis of numerous equipment health parameters.