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'MOSAICTM Things' is L&T Infotech's ready framework for delivering IoT Solutions by connecting disparate devices and applications for Home and Industrial control systems to Enterprise Information Syste​​ms. The platform has centralized communications that provide single communication platform for various automation systems. It has drivers and connectivity to systems running on various protocols including OPC, Modbus, BACnet, etc. communicating over layer 2 and layer 3 with NFC, Wi-Fi, RFID, BLE, TCP/IP, GSM, etc.  The framework provides connectivity with various Enterprise Systems over Message Queues, Web Services, Data​bases, File System and custom adapters for ERP, NMS, and MES systems.


Data and Analytics
MOSAIC​TM  Things can provide data in the way you need it.
  • ​​​​​ Historical
  • Real-time, KPI,
  • Quality and
  • Contextual Data.

MOSAICTM Things integrates with MOSAICTM Central, a Big Data and Advance Analytics Platform for translating data into actionable insights.​

Control and Data Modules

At the granular level APIs and Control Script help aut​omate steps and build new modules. Modules in the areas of Lighting Control, HVAC, Energy Monitoring, Surveillance System, Fire & Alarm, Access Control, Feeder Control and Monitoring, Energy Accounting, Power Quality are available. With Home Automation, MOSAICTM Things h​as mo​dules like Appliance Control, Lighting Control, Temperature Control, Energy Monitoring, Surveillance System, L​eakage Control, Vehicle Tracking, Intrusion Detection, Safety Vault, Fire Alarm etc. 

HMI Framework 
Provides User Interface comp​​​​​onents t​​o create User Friendly User Interface to manage and monitor Devices. The Interface can be over Desktop or Mobile devices like tab, and mobile phones.​​​​​​​​​​​