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Assurance Services
Enhance Customer Experience by Adopting Digital Mindset

With the surge of Digital, customer expectations have changed dramatically. In today's always-connected world, customers expect seamless experience anytime, anywhere, and on any device. L&T Infotech's MOSAICTM Assurance Platform for Digital Assurance addresses the customer needs across multi-platforms, multi-devices and multi-browsers.



    Assurance Services

  • End-to-End Assurance, addressing dimensions of Functionality, Performance, Security and Test Data Management.
  • Advisory Services for intelligent change-impact-driven regression suites to optimize coverage and deliver quality
  • Cross-platform Test Automation on real devices in Cloud-based and Non-Cloud-based environments.
  • Benefits

  • Increased Speed-to-Market by >40%
  • Seamless business assurance across devices and platforms


    Assurance Services

  • Advisory Services for end-to-end Digital Assurance Strategy, including Cloud-based/Hybrid Test Lab Setups.
  • Agile Test Automation solutions for desktop, mobiles and wearables, with In-Sprint Automation at different layers i.e. UI, Services and Data.
  • Performance and Security Testing to secure the crucial non-functional aspects of change.
  • Benefits

  • Faster realization of business objectives
  • Optimized Cost & Increased Test Coverage


    Assurance Services

  • User Experience Assurance, addressing Functionality, Compatibility, Usability, Performance & Security.
  • Advisory Services to setup and integrate Quality Assurance for new age delivery methodologies and platforms.
  • Next Generation end-to-end Test Automation built for DevOPS and seamless integration with continuous integration/continuous deployment platforms.
  • Benefits

  • Flawless adoption of new age platforms and methodologies
  • Seamless customer experience across channels
  • Brand value protection

MOSAICTM Assurance Platform- Digital

  • Tools, Technologies, Platforms/ Operating Systems and device agnostic assurance solutions.
  • Assurance on emerging platforms like STB, Roku, Wearables, Streaming Devices, Gaming Consoles, PoS, Digital Vaults, ATM, E-Meter, et. al.
  • Comprehensive Assurance Strategy for Performance, Security, Big Data & Social Analytics, Digital Service Virtualization, Digital Rights Management(DRM), Geo Agnostic Content Validation.
  • State-of-the-Art Digital Experience Lab, fueled with latest & popular devices, including Wearables, Smart TVs, Mobile, Tablets, Streaming Media & Gaming Consoles.
  • Compatible with compliances and regulatory checks such as 508, OWASP, COPPA.